Monday, October 2, 2017

Jess - Quilting Continued

A little late, but as promised - more about the quilting on Jess.

Center and band quilting on Jess

Last week, it was all about the Sparkle Crosshatching, with a mesmerizing video of how the seed, crosshatch, and sparkle parts were quilted continuously. When I say mesmerizing, I mean even I couldn't tear myself away from watching it!

This time, it's about the (not-so-straight) line stitching on the print fabric.

Closeup of the quilting in the print bands of Jess

Notice in the picture how the lines change direction at the seam lines.

So how was that accomplished? Let's see!

This first video, 'Line quilting with a Twist', shows how the print fabrics were quilted continuously, including direction changes at the seam lines.

The second video, 'Line quilting part 2', finishes the center part of that section, complete with tie ons/offs to keep the stitches from coming out. 

I tend to go over previous stitching with several stitches, instead of a ton of tiny stitches very close together. I've found that works better for me and my machine.

So now the secret is out - back tracking, and the occasion tie on/off. Now everyone should have a better idea of how to tackle the quilting on their quilt. The possibilities are endless!

Happy Quilting!

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