Friday, March 15, 2019

Mediterranean Rose Quilt

It's taken almost 7 years, but the hand appliqued Mediterranean Rose quilt I designed so long ago is now finished, and quite ravishing on a dark background!

Mediterranean Rose quilt, dark background

I think this shot really adds to her captivating allure, versus the one below, which provides a different, less dramatic view.

Mediterranean Rose quilt, light background

Either, way this quilt is a beauty! And she certainly garners lots of quilt love each time I show an in-progress picture. And there were a lot of pictures, as I've been slowly working on the finish since digging her out of the closet sometime in late November. Check out the Mediterranean Rose in Progress post to see what I started with.  

Over the number of weeks of construction and quilting, I shared a few insights of what I learned in making this quilt. There's a simple math tutorial to learn how to cut setting triangles for on-point set quilts, and a quilting hint for stitch-in-the-ditch quilting around applique, at the bottom of that post. These are just little bits of information I share that make a quilter's life so much easier!

Now for some closeups. First, I have to say, a black background is not the most favorable color upon which to showcase quilting. Wanting more than just a stipple, I opted for peacock feathers, which fill the space. 

Mediterranean Rose peacock feather background quilting closeup

Mediterranean Rose peacock feather background quilting

See how much I had to angle the camera to get the light to pick up on the quilting? Anything more elaborate or structured just would not have been seen. And did you know black is a magnet for batting fuzz and cat hair? This quilt will need the constant attention of a sticky tape roller!

Though some may deem this a more traditional style quilt, I opted for a more modern quilting style in the white areas - my favorite: straight lines.

Mediterranean Rose line quilting

I think it adds a really nice contrast to all the other design elements in the quilt.

Mediterranean Rose straight line quilting

As for the backing, it's a white on black flower print that was in the stash, and works beautifully.

Mediterranean Rose quilting and backing

A couple more interesting tidbits about this quilt:

1)  it measures 57" x 57",

2) it is one of two hand applique projects I have done, with the other one yet to be completed,

3) the block is based on one from Quiltmakers 100 blocks, which was all applique. I changed some coloring, made different shaped flowers, and pieced pointy leaves cause I didn't want to do all that applique. Curious question: is it still the designer's block, or is it now mine??

4)  this was a hand sewing project I took on a cruise to the Mediterranean in 2012. With the flowers somewhat like roses, it was christened Mediterranean Rose a long time ago. It's also taken me that long to learn how to spell 'Mediterranean'!

For the next month or so, this quilt will hang in my dining room, so that I may see it every day and delight in it's finished glory!

Happy Quilting!

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  1. Congrats on the finish! It's very worthy and a testament for us all that it pays to find those UFOs and turn them into a finished quilt!

  2. What a beautiful quilt! Congratulations on the finish. This is a legacy quilt, I think -- but aren't they all, in a way? Enjoy it. It's going to be lovely on your wall!

  3. It is such a beauty - the design, the applique and the quilting! Congrats to you Susan!

  4. Beautiful, Susan! Congrats on the finish. I know you will enjoy it!

  5. It is a stunning quilt. I think it was worth every minute you spent working on it.

  6. Wow! What a beauty. Very dynamic. I think it is your block with all the changes; inspired by the original. Have a great weekend and enjoy the warmer days.

  7. Beautiful finish!! Peacock feathers was the perfect choice to add wonderful texture and I always love straight line quilting! It will definitely be the star of the dining room!

  8. That is breathtaking, Susan. Your placement of the light and dark fabrics is so attractive and the red just makes it all pop. Well worth the seven years.

  9. It is indeed lovely - and I agree with you about the photos. Your color placement and skill is out of this world! I hope you link up to Sunday Slow Stitching at Kathy's Quilts so that other slow stitchers can be inspired by such a lovely finish! Congratulations on a lovely finish!

  10. Your Mediterranean Roses is gorgeous! Fantastic UFO finish!! I love how the corners have straight-set roses with everything else being on-point. Congratulations on a really beautiful finish.

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