Friday, April 24, 2020

Curly Quilt Fill

In my joy of sharing my mouth watering Chocolate Dipped Strawberries early this month, I completely forgot to talk about the quilting, especially the curly quilt fill used in the background.

Curly Quilt Fill on the Chocolate Dipped Strawberries runner by QuiltFabrication

Isn't it sweet? How about adorable? Cute? Charming? Delightful? Downright lovely? However it's described, the curly quilt fill is easy to stitch, whether using a longarm or a domestic sewing machine - let's see how!

First, some drawings. Start near a seam or an edge, working outward with a circle that curls into the center. Let the curl move inside the circle just enough without overdoing it. Too much, and it becomes a spiral.

right and wrong curl length for the curly quilt fill

Backtrack over the curl to a spot to start the next the curl, which curls in the opposite direction. Think of ram's horns when doing this.

backtrack and start a new curl in the opposite direction

Keep making curls to fill in the area, backtracking either a little or a lot to get to the desired area. 

curly quilt fill drawn out to fill the area

Some areas really take on the ram horns idea, while other areas are more linear. The backtracking decides where the next curl will start. Let's see this curly quilt fill stitched out.

The size of the curls can also change for different looks, like on Ladybug Dance.

varying curl sizes on Ladybug Dance by QuiltFabrication

or stay a consistent size as in the background fill in Chocolate Dipped Strawberries.

consistent size curly fill on Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

It's totally up to the quilter and the quilt as to which one works better. Either way, that curly fill will be sweet, adorable, cute, charming, delightful, or downright lovely - you choose how to best describe it!

Happy Quilting!

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  1. Great quilting! Its funny this is one of the ones that is pretty easy for me to do. This strawberry series has been quite fun.

  2. Hi Susan! I love watching your videos. They mesmerize me. But most of all, I appreciate the drawing and that you share these how-to's with us! ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Susan, Love your strawberry! Makes me hungry :)


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