Monday, August 1, 2022

FREE Sew Much Fun Quilt Blocks 47 -52

Here's six more free blocks for the Sew Much Fun Quilt Tour!

Unfortunately, a
s they say, all good things must come to an end. These six are the remaining blocks that fill out the year's long tour. If you've missed any, here's the post links for all of the previous blocks.

Blocks 38 - 46

Blocks 30 - 37

Blocks 22 - 29

Blocks 13 - 21

Blocks 9 - 12

Blocks 1 - 8

Now let's see those remaining six!

Block 47, a fat quarter bundle from Our Crafty Life,

Block 48, a scrappy S block from Sew Joy Creations,

Block 49, a spool of thread from The Quilting Room with Mel,

Block 50, a button jar from Orange Blossom Quilts,

Block 51, a basket of yarn from Appliques Quilts and More,

Block 52, sewing scissors from Dragonfly's Quilting Studio.

And that, my quilty friends, concludes the Sew Much Fun Tour. I hope you have enjoyed collecting all of the blocks throughout the year. At the moment, there is no tour scheduled for the next year, though the coordinator of the event hasn't ruled out a different style of block tour - stay tuned!

Happy Quilting!


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