Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I Think I'm Done-for now

My creative energies are spent, for piecing that is!  Four more baby size quilt tops are complete,
with one more in the works.
This one was started yesterday, but unfortunately did not get finished, so my streak is broken.  Yet, it's still a personal record for me, nine baby size tops in nine days!  Hopefully, now I can have a stash of tops built up for the 'welcome baby' gifts.

I'm glad this piecing frenzy is over, because it's hard to move around in my sewing room.  Most of my fabric bins are open for easier access to the fabric, and I can't wait to close them up and put them back under the frame.
Peace shall reign again in this room!

Bye for now, as the last top needs finishing, and those Book of the Month blocks still need sewing!

Happy Quilting!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Going for a Personal Record

See all those tops hanging on the frame?
There are currently five, one made each day over the last five days.  And I'm not done yet!

Got in the piecing mood on Saturday, determined to use up more of the nickels.  Added in a bit of yardage, and three tops for babies were created.  Still had a few nickels left, so pulled out some small pieces, cut some strips, and got one more top.  And of course, while looking for suitable blues, I found a few more pieces of fabric to use, which is today's project.

Yesterday, I took a break from blue and made the toddler quilt that's on the far right.  This one is for the big sister of the little boy who got Teddy Bear Picnic, so she can have her own quilt.

And the Book of the Month blocks are still just that, blocks.  See them sitting on the floor?  They've taken a back seat to my recent spat of creativity!  I'm going for a personal record for making a quilt top per day.  Currently at five, going for seven!

Speaking of creativity, I got an email from Brother the other day, showcasing their new Scan N Cut machine.
This really piqued my interest because it says it can scan, then cut any shape, even on fabric!  Now, I like to get as much bang for my buck, and this looks so much more useful than the die cutters currently on the market.  The ability to cut any shape without an extra purchase--awesome!  Could open up a whole new world of quilting.  Hmm, this just may go on the list to Santa!

Happy Quilting Everyone!

Friday, October 18, 2013

PIQF etc

Yesterday marked the opening of PIQF, and what a grand show it was!  There are a lot of quilters out there, as this show was full of quilts and people!  I'm heading back Sunday afternoon, as I've discovered that's a great time to really take in the quilts in detail.  And maybe do some more shopping....

Anyway, the show winners were absolutely over the top, and every year the bar seems to get higher.  I don't think I'll ever achieve that level, but maybe someday, oh say, twenty years from now!

A  few quilts really caught my attention for their quilting.  It was fascinating to see how the quilter combined different fills to make a beautiful piece.  I'd show some pictures but I don't want to get in trouble with the copyright police.

As for the shopping, I was looking for fabrics for landscapes, but nothing was quite what I wanted.  But I did get a fun new longarm ruler to play with, for making ropes.
And of course, I had to stop by the Innova dealer.  That one is my dream machine, with such a smooth, easy glide.  

Today, not much quilting getting done as I've been updating the look of my blog.  It was time for some new pictures--what do you think?

Happy Quilting Everyone!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Modern Guy

Here's another attempt at a modern quilt
I'm calling this one Modern Guy, because it's very suitable for the man in my life!  And it's a nice size, 52" x 76".

This started as another project challenge from my Modern quilt group, which was 'make a nine patch with a dark center'.  Well, I pulled out some lovely fabrics, and of course, got carried away (I was really trying to use them up!).  Ran out of one of the lights and had to paint some fabric to substitute (see more about that here).  And as the blocks kept multiplying, I decided I couldn't give this one away.

So, hubby gets a new blanket to sleep under! But because he gets hot at night, he requested it have light weight fleece for the backing, no batting, and no heavy quilting.  

Now this is the first quilt I've done with fleece, and it went pretty well.  Had to keep the back looser than normal on the frame, and had some drag issues, but otherwise, it turned out pretty nice.
Just did a water-like meander, with diagonal lines in the dark squares.  Aqua colored Glide thread on top, and a Royal Blue on the bottom, and no tension problems!!  

And to keep down the bulk on the edges, I trimmed the fleece to half an inch of the top edge, folded it over, and stitched with a blanket stitch.
Since this turned out so well, I think I'll use fleece for the back on my current Book of the Month quilt.  All the blocks are done, just have to sew them together.  Hopefully tomorrow, as today PIQF opens!

Happy Quilting Everyone!

Monday, October 14, 2013

The Best Thank You

This is the last of the three recent baby quilts,  Teddy Bear Picnic
 which started with the pre-printed center panel.  Now some may say that a it's cheating to put plain, unpieced borders on, but in this case, it works.  Plus, it shows off the quilting!

Cute freehand apples in the blue area, crosshatching in the yellow, and a leaf style feather border in the red.
Setting up the veins for the leaf feather and the spacing for the apples was easy--just used the circle rulers!

And for the crosshatching, the Handiquilter Versa Tool worked like a charm!
So many uses in just one ruler!

Then a little bit of outlining around the bears finished the quilting
I give a lot of baby quilts as gifts to my husbands' coworkers, and the mother absolutely loved this one.  Here's her thank you 

I really can't believe it's handmade, handmade, omg! Your wife is so sweet and she's a master of arts.  This is definitely the best ever gift I've got for my babies. In China there's a tradition that people collect some small pieces of cloth and sew them into a blanket for a baby.  We believe it carries the best wishes from people surrounding the baby and would bless the baby for life. This tradition has became a luxury in China because nowadays very few people could and would do handcraft work like this.  I'm thrilled and almost teared to receive it in the US.  I don't know how to express my thanks to you and your wife. I'll keep the blanket for my son and his babies and babies' babies...

This probably the nicest thank you I have ever received, and it's wonderful to know that this has really touched her.  Just another reason to keep quilting!

I hope that your quilting brings you joy today.


Sunday, October 13, 2013

Don, My version of Dora

This is Don,
done in blue for a boy.  The pattern, Dora, is from the book 
3 Times a Charm
and was so easy to put together.  The instructions were very clear, with excellent diagrams also.  I just wish I had more time to make a few more from the book.  Someday...

The quilting on this is simple, but works nicely with the design. 
All blue areas were stitched in the ditch, then seeds were added with the aid of the arc of the VersaTool by Handiquilter.
Since the white bars are rather narrow (under an inch), they were left unquilted.  Again, no need to over quilt this.
The border is simply lines that follow the piecing, complimenting without overpowering.  
Can you tell I love to do ruler work??  If you haven't worked with rulers, check out Kim Brunner's class Machine Quilting with Templates on Craftsy.  PS-They're having a sale this weekend!!
Happy Quilting!


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Cow Hugs and Kisses

Here's the first of the three finished quilts, Cow Hugs and Kisses
Do you see the X's and O's made by the cow fabric?

This quilt was really easy as it started as an unequal nine patch, and then cut, turned, and stitched with sashing.

And I only had this left from the cow fabric
So happy to have used it up!!!

As for the quilting, freehand circles fill up the white areas, stippling for the cows, and some simple arcs fill in the yellow areas.  

The black was left empty since it's about an inch wide.  I didn't need to over quilt this.

Next post, Don,
my boy version of Dora from 
Click here to see the previous posts on this quilt.

Happy Quilting!


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sneak Peek

Haven't had much time to post lately as I've been busy quilting!  Three done, three more to quilt and one to assemble and quilt.  Busy busy busy!

Here's a few pictures from what I posted on Instagram, with more to follow as they are completely finished.

Just need to sew the bindings and add labels.  Hoping to get these done by tomorrow so they can be gifted on Friday--they're long overdue!

Happy Quilting!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October Book of the Month

It's time again for another Book of the Month selection.  This month's honor goes to Judy Sisneros and her new book, Circle Pizzazz!
Last week, I had the honor to take Judy's class on this technique, so I've gotten a bit of a head start.

Here's a completed Winding Path block
which is what this particular quilt will be composed of. Don't be afraid of the curves, as they are big and gentle!  

For this quilt, the red fabric did not originally have orange flowers.  To give the quilt more umph, I decided to paint in the orange using water soluble wax pastels from Caran D'Ache.
These crayons are easy to apply, and give a nice intense color, just what this quilt needed.  Another product in the arsenal to get the fabric color that I want!
Right now, I need to get back to sewing as I'm almost done with all the blocks for this one.  Be sure to check out both of these products, and have fun with each!

Happy Quilting!