Friday, March 30, 2018

Blog List - Edition 4

It's been six weeks since the last Blog List Edition - time for  another!

I've gathered a few new blogs names from blog hops, and want to share them with you. Keep in mind this list is totally random, and given in small quantities for easy digestion!

LC's Cottage                                     Laura Conowitch 
During Quiet Time                         Amy Friend
Design Seeds                                     
Katy Quilts                                       Katy Sweigart

Charise Creates                               Charise
Hyacinth Quilt Designs                 Cynth
Inspired by Fabric                           
From Bolt to Beauty                       Michelle 

Porch Swing Quilts                         Jennie
Seven Oaks Street Quilts               Sue
Quilt in a Not Shell                         Anita
Dream Worthy Quilts                    Deana

Patchwork Times                            Judy Laquidara
Freemotion by the River               Connie Kresin Campbell
William Morris in Quilting           Michelle Hill
Kat and Cat Quilts                          Kat

Enjoy checking out these bloggers - there's something for everyone to explore!

For previous blog lists, full of bloggers to discover, check out these posts:
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Happy Quilting!

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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Midweek Makers #117

Welcome to Midweek Makers - come share your projects!
My sewing machines have been humming this past week because I've joined a lot of blog hops for the next 4 months - see the side bar for the list. And I'm eager to get a jump on the projects, so that they are done and ready to show.

The next hop is 30 Quilt Blocks in 30 Days Blog Hop, starting April 1. My day is April 28 with the Stockade block,

for which I'm making three quilts - yep, I'm an over-achiever!
But any quilter would totally understand the reason behind three:
1) I don't have a stash of baby boy quilts, 
2) there were block parts and plenty of fabric for a second quilt, 
3) I wanted to do a certain layout which wasn't possible on quilt 2 because there weren't enough blocks of one color, 
4) I still had plenty of background fabric for a third quilt.

The quilting is almost done, but they'll stay in hiding until the big reveal day, April 28.

Enough of my share - let's look at some blasts of color from last week:

Rebecca from Cheeky Cognoscenti, and this pineapple block


Karen's scrap quilt at Karen's Quilting


Kay's beautiful flower at Quilts and Color 


LeeAnna's pretty Dresden's at Not Afraid of Color


Bonnie's scrap quilt at In Stitches with Bonnie


and Julie's scrappy six pointed star at Pink Doxies.


Wouldn't you agree these are all great blasts of color? Grab a 'Featured' button everyone!

grab button for Quiltfabrication
<div class="quiltfabrication-button" style="width: 150px; margin: 0 auto;"> <a href="" rel="nofollow"> <img src="" alt="Quiltfabrication" width="150" height="150" /> </a> </div>

Let's see this week's projects - come share!
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And have fun!

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Monday, March 26, 2018

A Color Book Review

I am always on the lookout for great quilt books, and I've found one in my March Book of the Month selection, The Quilter's Practical Guide to Color (affiliate link).

This book selection was not about making a project from the book. Instead, this choice was for learning more about color theory,  and to pick up tidbits of information from a quilter's perspective. And that's important, because Becky talks about not just color but fabric.

After reading the first 20 pages, I knew this book was different. I gave a few hints of what I learned in the Book of the Month Update post back on March 9. And today's post shares a little bit more. 

Of course, it wouldn't be fair of me to tell all, otherwise you wouldn't look at the book yourself. And there's a lot in this book that I think is really useful information for quilters, because it's fabric related.

So, here are three more tidbits that really struck a cord with me:

1) Characteristics of and uses for various print fabrics. 

We all have those 'love this print, but where and how do I use it?' fabrics. You know the ones - maybe really large prints, or several colors in an unpredictable pattern, etc, etc. Becky does a fantastic job discussing how best to use these, along with other prints, such as stripes, dots, plaids, and all sorts of prints in between. This is the first 'color' book that I've read to really talk about the print on the fabric, which is an extension of color. We quilters have to take everything into account when making a quilt!

2) Using clear vs grayed fabrics. 

This nugget of information was well worth the price of the book! You see, my stash is full of grayed fabrics, mostly from the 90's and early 2000's: trendy I am not. I moved some of it along a couple months ago, because I felt the fabrics were just too dull. And then I read this book.

Becky talks about using those grayed fabrics, along with  clearer ones, to give a sense of depth to a quilt. Wait, what?? Does that mean I should have held onto those fabrics?

Well, no, I'm still glad I moved them along, but just reading this bit of information was a hallelujah moment to give me confidence in using the remaining grayed fabrics that I have. And I can let go of the angst that group causes, now knowing a better purpose for them. Thank you Becky!

3) Building fabric choices for a quilt.

This takes all the information discussed earlier in the book - color relationships, fabric prints, scale, texture, etc, etc - and puts them all together in choosing fabrics for a quilt. 

And she doesn't make it a hard process. She actually says, "Don't over-think it," which is probably the best advice there is.

So, in a nutshell, The Quilter's Practical Guide to Color is probably the best 'color' book out there for quilters. For us, there's more to a quilt than just color relationships - it's all the other elements associated with fabric prints that are rarely discussed. And this book, which is now one of my go-to books, tells it all!

Happy Quilting in Color!

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Friday, March 23, 2018

Patriotic Wave Decorating

As you may know, I make and sell patterns of quilts that I design, and that others will love. And that is certainly the case here, as my most loved pattern is the Patriotic Wave Table Runner.

Patriotic Wave Table Runner by QuiltFabrication

It's one of my favorites too, and you know I have a lot of favorites!

So, the reason for this post is not so you can get a jump on your sewing for the 4th of July, though there is a treat at the end of the post. No, this post is because of two pictures I've received - and I just have to share!

This week, Maureen sent me a terrific picture of her Patriotic Wave, hanging in her husband's office.

Maureen's Patriotic Wave wall hanging

Maureen says she sews mostly clothes, but looks for small projects that are within her skill level. And she certainly did a fantastic job! With a hanging sleeve on the back, she turned the runner into a wonderful wall hanging. Maureen, thank you so much for sending this - Patriotic Wave is making a lovely wall decoration!

And in the summer of last year, Pam sent me a picture of her Patriotic Wave, which she turned on end to decorate her front door.

Pam's Patriotic Wave door decoration

Wow - doesn't that look terrific??

Thank you, Maureen and Pam, for sending pictures of your versions of the Patriotic Wave - great job!

And because of these two wonderful ladies, I've got a special treat for today only, March 23, 2018. The Patriotic Wave Table Runner pattern is available for 10% off at Etsy - just use coupon code 'PATRIOTIC' at checkout.

Thank you to everyone who has downloaded my patterns - I truly appreciate it! Have a wonderful weekend quilting!

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Midweek Makers #116

This post contains affiliate links for which I receive compensation for any purchase made through these links - thank you for your support!

Welcome to Midweek Makers! Come share what your working on - we'd all like to see!

My share this week is Strawberry Splendor

Strawberry Splendor quilt pattern

a new finish after teasing you the last two weeks with sneak peeks! Want to make your own Strawberry Splendor quilt? Then take advantage of the special introductory pattern offer of 25% off which runs through tonight - use code 'STRAWBERRY25' at Etsy checkout. 

Aside from spring and berry love, there's been 'plus sign' love out in blog-land, due to the release of Modern Plus Sign Quilts. Some of those beautiful quilts are featured this week:

from MMM! Quilts, this Cat-Eye-doscope quilt,


over at Quilting Mod, it's Tribal Plus,


and at Elm Street Quilts, the RicRac Runner Plus.


Aren't they all pretty? The Modern Plus Sign Quilts hop is still going on, so expect to see more quilts from this new book!

Now, what do you have to share? Come link up, with these few reminders to make it fun for everyone:
  • Please link directly to your specific post, not your main blog page.
  • Visit and leave a comment to two links: the one before and the one after your own. Everyone loves visitors, comments, and encouragement!
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Have a great time!

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Monday, March 19, 2018

Strawberry Splendor

Springtime is here, and so are strawberries!

Strawberry Splendor quilted wall hanging

Fresh strawberries, straight from the farm, and oh so sweet! Let's honor this luscious berry with a beautiful wall hanging pattern, Strawberry Splendor - more details and a discount code are within the post!

Strawberry Splendor 38 x 38 wall hanging pattern

Strawberry Splendor is fairly straight forward - it uses 11" paper pieced berries, appliqued flowers, and pieced ric rac chains. The berries are easy to paper piece as there's no seams to match, no points to worry about, and as a special bonus, all the fabric piece sizes for paper piecing are listed for you - no need to figure it out yourself! Put it all together and there's sweet homage to everyone's favorite, strawberries! Just divine!

Along with those big berries, there's beautiful quilting to enhance the charm of this quilt. As in the preview last Wednesday, the background has straight line quilting, which changes direction throughout the quilt, but stays the same direction around each strawberry.

Strawberry Splendor background quilting

When viewed up close, there are groups of three perpendicular lines evenly spaced in the background, adding a bit more interest to the negative space.

Strawberry Splendor background detail quilting

Simple outlining makes the flowers and leaves stand out. The strawberries have diagonal crosshatching with a little bar at each crossing, giving the impression of a seed.

Strawberry Splendor strawberry quilting with seeds

Gracing each red corner border are motifs of strawberries and leaves, enclosed by micro-stippling to make them pop.  Definitely a lovely addition to the strawberry theme!

Strawberry Splendor strawberry motif in borders

If you, too, wish to honor spring's best berry, the Strawberry Splendor pattern is now available at Etsy

A few more pics to show before you leave: 

Strawberry Splendor quilt backside

 The quilting makes the back just as beautiful!

Strawberry Splendor quilt backside closeup

Time to go enjoy some strawberries!!

Strawberry Splendor quilt

Happy Quilting!

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Friday, March 16, 2018

Worldwide Quilting Day Tomorrow!

Heads up everyone! Tomorrow, March 17, 2018, is Worldwide Quilting Day - yeah!! 

This advance notice gives you plenty of time to plan how you will spend the day! But first, a little history. According to Days of the Year

"In 1991, the National Quilting Association decided to create a special day to celebrate and inspire lovers of quilting and to encourage others to take up this charming and addictive craft. Quilting Day was born, and has been celebrated ever since by quilt and patchwork lovers every spring."

So awesome that the creative work we do has it's own special day of recognition, along with March being National Quilting Month!

Quilt shops may have special celebrations on Saturday. To check if your local shop is participating, type your city into the Participating Shop Finder. Then go join the fun!

Online stores are participating too - here's a couple I found:
Martingale (no affiliation) with a warehouse sale, March 12-19. Books as low as $6 - worth a look!
Connecting Threads (no affiliation) with 20% off your entire order thru March 17, 2018. I took advantage of this one!
Missouri Star Quilting Co (no affiliation) has a month's long celebration of projects.
And Keepsake Quilting (affiliated) has this: National Quilting Day! 30% Off All Kits with Code QUILT30 at Keepsake Quilting! Valid 3/17 through 3/18

Don't need to add to the stash? There are other ways to celebrate, such as:
Teach someone to quilt
Host a quilting party
Finish an older project
Start a new project
Learn a new technique
Watch quilting videos
Get together with quilting friends
Make a quick quilt to donate
Snuggle under your favorite quilt

Have a great day quilting, however you spend it!

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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Midweek Makers #115

Ready for another Midweek Makers? Write a new project post and come share it here today!

Midweek Makers

I have a bit of quilting to share from my latest spring project:

quilting in progress on new spring project

more lines! Seems I'm trending that these days, but really, I think it's just me. I remember what Angela Walters said in a class, "there are two kinds of quilters - curvy or straight line.  You're either one or the other." That was years ago, and the more I quilt, the more I fall into the straight line category. Her theory really is a pretty good assessment of quilting styles - which one do you fall into?

This week I'm featuring stars, being a bit liberal in that interpretation! Let's have a look, shall we?

Pink Doxies
Making a Lather

                                                                Vicki's Crafts and Quilting

sawtooth star block tutorial
Katie Mae Quilts

Princess Bubbles Creates


Quilting and Learning
Now it's your turn!
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Have a great time!

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