Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Patchwork City Month 7

The month is almost over, which means an update on the Westside Patchwork City blocks. I'm all caught up for this month, so picking up where I left off, with Month 7.

These two are, respectively, Crosswalk and Porch. Of the two, Crosswalk is my favorite. Not so sure about Porch. Don't know whether it's the block, or the fabrics I used, but it's just there

Do I plan to remake it? Heck no! It is what it is. Not all blocks, or quilts for that matter, can be fantastic. But I'm sure when this project is done, it will look pretty darn good!

Since I have all the fabric and blocks littering my cutting table, it's a good time to get Month 10 done. The two look fairly easy, and then it's just 5 more blocks to go! Getting so close, I might just go ahead and get 'er done! To see the other months/blocks, click on the links:
Month 1    Month 2   Month 3   Month 4   Month 5   Month 6   

How about you? Have you worked on a year long project, and just gone ahead and finished it? Or have you procrastinated each month, and now have to play catch-up? Well, don't feel bad--everything has a time and a place. And with that,

Have a great day quilting!

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Monday, October 26, 2015

I Spy Jars

The I Spy Jars quilt is done!

Here's a picture of some of the jars from the quilt club swap of 60 5" squares.

From those 60, I pulled out all the fabrics with animals or bugs, plus a couple that went with anything, which amounted to 20. Once those jars were made, I figured I had just enough background fabric for another row and column. But I needed 10 more animal squares. Quite a bit of digging through the stash finally yielded the squares, without having to cut into any yardage. Phew! 

With a 1" sashing in between everything, I had just enough background. As in, I have one 1 1/2" strip left. Talk about using up fabric!

Another hunt through the stash yielded a great fabric with colored dots for the borders. It's at the bottom of the picture.

Quilting was a pantograph called Dandy, which suits the jars just fine!

Lucky child that gets this one!

If you have novelty fabrics or squares to create your own I Spy Jars quilt, I've given brief instructions on how to make one here. They're easy snowball blocks with lids. Email me if you have any questions!

Have a great day quilting!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Blogger's Quilt Festival Entries

It's that time of year for the Blogger's Quilt Festival

over at Amy's Creative Side! This time, I think I'll enter Pumpkat Patch

in the Small Quilt category, and Patriotic Wave

in the Original Design area.

Tough for me to choose two quilts--I've made so many this year! Check out my 2015 Quilt Gallery page--there are 33 items there. Definitely tough!

Be sure to submit your quilts to the Bloggers Quilt Festival--love seeing all the fabulous eye candy! 

Have a great day quilting!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

WIP Wednesday #2

Another work in progress (WIP) to show today, my take on a Chic Kisses pattern. And check out that JUMBO apple green ric rac!

Having started out with these wedge parts back in June,

the project got set aside, and each day, it would beg for me to work on it. Yes, I want to work on you but I need more background fabric.

My choice for the background was this adorable print, called Sweet Things Cherries by Holly Holderman for Lakehouse Fabrics. I had bought a half yard back in February for another project, 

and everyone else must have loved it too, because it was nowhere on the shelves. Thank goodness for internet shopping! Ordered two yards, and obstacle 'a' out of the way.

I had also purchased a yard of the ric rac for that other project, and then thought how awesome it would look on the top of the wedges. Works right in with ric rac stems in the background and gives an extra punch!

Ah, but the ric rac was harder to find. At first I thought I would use 30 yards. Yes, you read that right--30! That's a huge amount, and expensive. So I scaled back the project and now it only uses 15. And fortunately, I found it at PIQF this past weekend. Woohoo! Now all obstacles are removed, and the project proceeds!

So, this is where it's at right now. 

with more ric rac and setting triangles to apply. So happy to be working on this again! And it's for me--lovin' those cherries and pink/green combo!

Have a wonderful day quilting!

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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Scrappy Japanese Jigsaw

Yeah! And another finish to report! My Scrappy Japanese Jigsaw quilt,

created in a class with Tracey Brookshier back in August. Quilted before I left on vacation, I've now had the chance to apply the binding, and finish it up.

This measures in at approximately 36" x 36". 

Though, I like the pattern, I don't like the scrappiness of this particular top. Originally, I started out using four 5" squares of the same fabric, intending to have one area of dark all the same fabric. But Tracey suggested that because I was using 5" squares, to just randomly sew lights and darks together. Sounded great--less planning, less thinking, considering all of the pressures I was under at that time. 

But once I got it all together, looking at it made my eyes bounce all over, looking for continuity. From a distance (and in the dark, ha ha!) it looks much better, as a lot of scrappy quilts do.

Once I got it quilted, with the panto Easy Peasy and silver Glide thread,

I like it better. It always amazes me how quilting changes a top, making it shine. Will I make it again? Someday, and with a better color layout plan. Do I view this one as a waste of time? No. Every quilt I make, I learn something. And with this one, four pieces of the same fabric makes a difference.

And for fun, my son's cat, Winston, supervised the photo shoot. He misses his buddy!

Happy Quilting!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Sharing Some Winning News!

Ok, this may be silly, but I just love winning quilting stuff! And what could be better than books and fabric from a Scrap Quilt Challenge???

Fabrics N Quilts Scrap Quilt Challenge

Here's the story: this year I discovered FabricNQuilts blog because of their Scrap Quilt Challenge. Immediately, I realized I had several entries that fit the requirements.

Chocolate Covered Cherries

Falling Leaves

Spangled Stars

Lily Pond

If you go look at the flickr page (which I highly recommend you do because there is a ton of eye candy there), my four entries are toward the bottom of the second page. Which means they were early entries.

I had pretty much forgotten about the contest until this week when I did a bit of tidying up on the blog. I had their badge on my sidebar, and took it down because the contest was almost over. But it reminded me to check back to see if I won.

And I did! Twice! Granted, the winners were chosen at random, but still, to win twice out 169 entries, is pretty awesome! So what did I win? A book and a fat quarter bundle!

Thank you so much FabricNQuilts! Let the creating begin!

If you didn't make a scrap quilt, or one big enough, there's always next year--I'd love to see your entries!

Happy Quilting!

Update: well, it turns out there could be only one win per person. Darn! But at least someone else gets a prize!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

WIP Wednesday

Today is a work in progress kind of day, or as most called it, WIP Wednesday. Mission: piece together the rest of an I Spy quilt.

These fun little jar blocks got constructed yesterday at my quilt club meeting, after exchanging sixty 5" inch squares. From my stack, I pulled out the ones having to do with animals, and threw in a couple 'goes with anything' squares so that I'd have twenty. And just in case your wondering where the other five are, they're at the sewing machine waiting for their sashing strips.

To make these fun blocks, we added 1 1/2" background squares at the corners using the flip and stitch method. Then they are all topped off with lids that are a 1 1/2" x 3", with another 1 1/2" square at each side. Finished block size is now 5" x 6".

Today, I'll add sashing, which will be 1 1/2" all around, mainly because I don't have that much background fabric. And since this will be a bit small, I'll find some other fabric in the stash for borders. Stay tuned!

In other news, I found out yesterday that my Playtime quilt,


was featured over at Freemotion by the River

Thank you Connie! If you haven't visited her, be sure to hop on over--she's got a lot of terrific quilts!

And last but not least, I received a lot of oohs and aahs yesterday when I showed my fellow quilters Playtime, Naptime, and Chicklettes



They couldn't believe I give these away. But it's okay--I enjoy what I do, and making people happy!

Have a great day Quilting!

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Monday, October 12, 2015


After having a great time making the Playtime and Naptime quilts last week, hubby once again informed me he needed another boy quilt. While looking through my stash, a little piece of fabric inspired me to make a new pattern, Chicklettes!


Isn't this absolutely adorable? Made with Kona solids, it's bright and cheery colors remind me of that fun gum from when I was a kid. And I'm sure this quilt would make any baby smile!

Quick and easy to put together, it took me less than a day to cut and piece, and is a perfect pattern for those needing a fast and delightful quilt. 

Measuring 34.5" x 34.5", the pattern can be found on my Craftsy pattern page, here.

Chicklettes has a modern quilting design of offset rectangles,

but an all-over pantograph, or designs within each block would work equally as well. So many possibilities! And too much fun!

Happy Quilting!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Naptime Quilt

Hooray! My second baby quilt, Naptime, another pattern from my October Book of the Month selection, Sew a Modern Home, is finished! 

I love this quilt just as much as Playtime, the other quilt I just finished from the same book. And I'm sure any child would love sleeping under it!

Sew a Modern Home
Both have made me very happy, and helped jump start my quilting again since being on vacation.

But more about this quilt. I've had the sea creature fabric for a while now (did I mention I have about 4 yards?), and always wondered how to use it. Well, this pattern was perfect because it called for a large print, which is showcased well here. Cut any smaller and the creatures would be lost! 

And how about that ocean wave quilting? 

Was that ever fun! Just stitch a wavy line edge to edge, then echo back, hitting some previous dips, and echo back again. Continue that, and you've got an ocean! The back showcases it nicely.

So, would I make this again? YES! And would I make Playtime again? YES! Have to confess I almost bought some striped fabric yesterday--didn't though because I couldn't find a trim I liked with it. But when I find a great stripe or a large print, I'll be thinking of these patterns!

Have a great weekend quilting!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Playtime Quilt

Incredibly fast and incredibly cute! The Playtime quilt is done!

Using the Playtime pattern

 in the Sew a Modern Home book,

a striped fabric and some ric rac, 

makes for a super easy, fun quilt! It may be cheating, but it sure is adorable, don't you think?

The wavy line quilting adds to the playfulness, which was carried into the borders.

Though the pattern does not have borders, I added the yellow 4" border to make the finished size 40" x 40", a size I prefer for baby quilts.

And on the back, a soft flannel, and the fun quilting.

Got striped fabric? Ric rac? Need a quilt in a hurry? I definitely recommend this pattern--just too cute!

Happy Quilting!