Friday, May 29, 2020

Binding a Quilt - Tips and Tricks

Last week, I had the opportunity to give a binding tutorial over Zoom, and thought I would go over 3 of my favorite binding tutorials. 

The first one, joining binding in 3 easy steps

was an absolute game changer for me! Years ago, I struggled with the angles, the right sides of the fabric, where to cut, etc, and spending waaaay too much time joining binding. 

But then, an ah-ha moment, and my binding woes were over! A simple fold of 2.5" was all I needed - pop over to the joining binding tutorial to see the whole process.

The next big game changer was reducing bulky corners. 

All that requires is sewing the binding at a right angle in the corner instead of the traditional angle. 

Just this one simple change allows for a triangle of fabric to be trimmed out of the corner, leaving four less layers of fabric. For more details on this technique, check out the reducing bulky corners tutorial.

And the last binding technique that saves a ton of time - a machine stitched binding

Now, I know that there are those out there who are purists and want to stitch the binding by hand. And, yes, I used to do that, so I get it. But it took forever, eating up time that I could better spend elsewhere. Then glue came into my life. 

At first I resisted, trying to stay with the purist group, worrying about fabric degradation. But I wash my quilts, and I don't intend for my quilts to stay around for 100 years, so why not use glue? For me, it's old fashioned washable school glue.

I'm very happy to say I've been using glue and a machine stitched binding for several years now, with the whole process taking me a lot less time than hand stitching would. Check out the machine binding tutorial for a ton of up-close pictures on perfecting this technique.

Both my Zoom buddies, and guild members have thanked me for these binding tutorials - they've been game changers for them too. Give them a try, and see what you think!

Happy Quilting!

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My Favorite Patterns

Monday, May 25, 2020

Patriotic Wave

My favorite table runner pattern, Patriotic Wave

Patriotic Wave pattern by QuiltFabrication

is out on display for Memorial Day and on to July 4th.

What better way to celebrate the both holidays than with this beautiful red, white, and blue Patriotic Wave!

Patriotic Wave table runner pattern by QuiltFabrication

Measuring 20" x 62", it proudly displays the stars and stripes of the USA! Designed by me, the pattern is available at Etsy, with additional instructions for a 14" x 42" size. 

Made with a strip set, and a very gentle curve, this runner was a snap to put together. Applique stars finish off the patriotic look. The quilting is a more open McTavishing in the blue background, straight stitching in the stripes, and double echoing in the stars.

Patriotic Wave quilting closeup by QuiltFabrication
So happy to see this awesome red, white, and blue Patriotic Wave - time to celebrate!

Happy Quilting!

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My Favorite Patterns

Friday, May 22, 2020

Monochrome Quilt

Introducing Monochrome

Monochrome quilt pattern by QuiltFabrication

my newest quilt design for the Cool to Be Square Blog Hop hosted by Carol of Just Let Me Quilt. Thank you again, Carol, for hosting another great themed blog hop!

This quilt was inspired by the monochrome fabric line at Connecting Threads, and a design on a neighbor's fence, though this block is a modified version of it.

a block for the Monochrome quilt pattern by QuiltFabrication

Combined with another super easy block and together they make a really classy monochromatic quilt design - even a beginner could do it!

Monochrome quilt pattern in a lap size by QuiltFabrication

Full of grays, from blue to green to taupe and gray, I made mine in a lap size. The Monochrome quilt pattern also comes in 5 other sizes - baby, crib, twin, double, and queen - that's a lot of quilts!

Monochrome quilt pattern in a baby size by QuiltFabrication

With such a bold geometric design, I decided on a curvy/spiky pantograph design, Happy Times, in Glide Silver.

Monochrome quilt backside with Happy Times pantograph by QuiltFabrication

And look at that backing! The quilt gods were once again smiling upon me, as this almost-black squares print was just waiting in my stash for a project like this.

Want to make your own Monochrome quilt? The Monochrome quilt pattern is available in my Etsy shop. Stitch up your own, and send me a picture to show it off to everyone!

Before you go - don't forget to visit all the other Cool to Be Square participants today.

May 22
Den syende himmel.
Quilt Fabrication.
Samelia's Mum.

Happy Quilting!

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Monday, May 18, 2020

White Birches

I have spent the last week doing a massive - and I mean MASSIVE - cleaning up of this blog. Many, many hours of combing through every single post, looking for broken links, editing, and just plain deleting (over 400 posts are gone). 

With this visit down memory lane, today I'm sharing the quilt that started it all - White Birches - and the post that I wrote about this quilt. Notice there's a font size difference - which do you prefer? The large (current) or the small of years past?

Enjoy the first post - the words are original, but the pictures are updated. White Birches is still one of my favorites to display every Christmas! 

I wanted to make a wall hanging to celebrate the Christmas season, and a bit beyond.  Red and green were just not going to do it.  So, while wondering around in JoAnn, I happened across the book "Quilting in Black and White" (affiliate link).  Thumbing through, I fell in love with the White Birches quilt.  Perfect!

White Birches wall hanging quilt

I had plenty of black, grey, and black on white prints, plus a snowflake fabric for the background.  Only problem--the blocks were 9" x 18"!  Way too big for a wall hanging.

Determining that 6" x 12" would work, I figured out the proportionate pieces, and did a test block.  Branches were a bit big, but after taking in 1/4", the blocks looked great, and I was off to sewing!

For the quilting, I did gentle waves that went back and forth, matching up the wave lines on either side of the trunks.  Gives the quilt a nice snowdrift look.

And here's a closer look:

So, if you're looking for a wonderful black and white quilt for the holidays, give this a try!  You can find the pattern in Quilting in Black and White (affiliate link).

Happy Quilting!

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Friday, May 15, 2020

Brick Yard Baby Quilt

Zoom Zoom! Zip Zip! That was fast! The Brick Yard baby quilt is a finish!

Brick Yard baby quilt  at QuiltFabrication

This baby version of Brick Yard is made of 16 squares, and this time, the blocks are all set in the same direction, 

Brick Yard baby quilt

instead of making squares as in the Brick Yard lap quilt.

Brick Yard lap quilt

In making more blocks, I set out making three of orange, purple, red, and pink, for 12 more in addition to the orange original one.

Brick Yard block

Then I threw them on the floor and started playing with a layout. At first, I randomized the colors, which was ok, but then divided them up into diagonal lines. Happy with that idea, I made up the remaining 4 color blocks that were missing.

Brick Yard baby quilt directional layout

Hubby wasn't too excited about what he saw on the floor, and I knew this needed a border to tie it all together. By luck (seriously - the quilt God's were smiling upon me!), I found this scrap of purple with multi-colored stars on it in my kid's fabric bin - perfect! Isn't that a great fit?

Brick Yard baby quilt quilting

Once I had the border on, I excitedly went to show hubby my stroke of luck. And now he loved it! Last step, the quilting.

Just like Burst, the Brick Yard baby quilt also uses a variegated thread and the Passion Fruit pantograph. And the backing is a soft purple check flannel.

Brick Yard baby quilt backing

Hubby has now put a reserve on this one as a special gift for a co-worker. That's going to be one lucky baby! For me, I'm super thrilled with how this quilt came out, and the luck I had in making it -
Happy Quilting!

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My Favorite Patterns

Monday, May 11, 2020

RSC2020 May Blocks

Seems I have lots of projects going currently, jumping around from small to large, scraps to yardage, brights to subdued. Never a dull moment that's for sure!

Today, I'm back to scraps, stitching up more pinwheel blocks for the May RSC2020 color of dark green and sage.

dark green pinwheel quilt blocks for RSC2020

I'm proud of myself for sticking with this quilt-along, though after five blocks, I'm still not sure how I'll put them together. I could do the standard squares in a row,

five months of pinwheel quilt blocks for RSC2020

though that looks quite boring. Maybe with some sashing it might come to life?

Or how about on point?

pinwheel quilt blocks set on point for RSC2020

This looks more promising, don't you think? Now those pinwheels have movement! Maybe the blank areas could be filled in with the other squares I'm making?? Hmm, don't know right now, but will think about it in the fall as the months wind down and RSC2020 comes to a close.

What I know for sure is that I'm committed to finishing an RSC this year - gotta bust those scraps! How about you? Playing along?

Happy Quilting!

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Friday, May 8, 2020

Creating a Quilted Legacy

Today's post is on honor of Paula Budinger, also know as Paula B Quilts, who passed away February 8, 2020. Janice of Color, Creating, and Quilting is hosting this special blog hop to honor Paula's memory.

Paula was fond of bright colors, and making quilts for kids through Project Linus. To honor that, I have two bright kid's quilts to share.

The first up is Burst, a new, fun pattern, so named because of the burst of color coming from the center of the quilt.

Blast baby quilt by QuiltFabrication

Paula would have loved all of these bright colors on the black background, as do I, though any other color would work just as well.

Burst, as a baby quilt, measures in at 42" x 42". The Burst pattern also includes sizes for crib, lap, twin, queen - that's a lot of quilts! This little guy sports the Passion Fruit pantograph quilted in a variegated thread. Definitely keeping with the multi-colored theme!

Blast quilting by QuiltFabrication

The backing is a multi-colored ladybug fabric from my stash, which works absolutely perfect here.

Blast backing by QuiltFabrication

And the second quilt, Jax, is a fun, random setting that reminds me the game Jacks.

Jax baby quilt by QuiltFabrication

This one, too, looks great on a black background, but would look terrific with blue, grey, or even black-on-whites. Hmm, there may be another quilt or two in my future!

The backing on Jax is colorful too, full of all sorts of construction trucks. 

Jax backing by QuiltFabrication

Believe it or not, it also uses variegated thread and the Passion Fruit pantograph, but the flowers are turned into stars by quilting straight lines and omitting the center loop.

Jax quilting by QuiltFabrication

Paula would have been so happy, don't you think?  

Happy Quilting!

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My Favorite Patterns

Monday, May 4, 2020

Stay at Home Round Robin Quilts

Yay! Two new finishes to show! Both of these quilts are from the Stay at Home Round Robin quilting diversion, hosted by Gail of Quilting Gail. The event has now wrapped up, and it's time to show my creations!

First up, is Fiesta Garden,

Fiesta Garden by QuiltFabrication

adding quite the pretty punch to this area of my garden. Both hubby and I are quite pleased with how this turned out. His begging me to stop after the pinwheel round was a good decision. This wall hanging finishes at 39" x 39", a perfect size.

As for the quilting, nothing was pre-planned. I started with the pinwheels, keeping things simple, but knowing I wanted leaves in the green areas, 

Fiesta Garden quilting by QuiltFabrication

and some way to represent water in the blue center. I consider that area a pond, with water spraying from the center. Therefore, pond ripples.

Fiesta Garden quilting closeup by QuiltFabrication

I also muted the glaring white around the pond by quilting a dense yellow stipple - worked like a charm! We consider that a sandy walkway around the pond.

Fiesta Garden quilt full on by QuiltFabrication

Now for the second quilt, The Moon and the Stars.

The Moon and the Stars by QuiltFabrication

This was started half-way through the event, and also used pieces leftover from other quilts. With lots of star fabric to choose from, it was my main focus for two days so that hubby wouldn't put the breaks on it too. This quilt has all of the rounds, and measures 44" x 44".

Quilting on The Moon and the Stars is a star pantograph,

The Moon and the Stars quilting by QuiltFabrication

and even the back is full of stars.

The Moon and the Stars quilting and backing by QuiltFabrication

Some child will be over the moon and the stars to snuggle with this one!

Just want to say thank you again to Gail for hosting this round robin event - I had a lot of fun!

Happy Quilting!

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