Friday, April 16, 2021

Hexie Twist Table Runner

Woohoo! A beautiful 3D finish to share! How about my new table runner, Hexie Twist?

blue and aqua intertwining 3D hexagon table runner

Notice it's placed on top of a TV console, not a table. Measuring 20" x 62", it was made specifically for this spot. With smaller triangles, it would be a perfect table size, approximately 14" x 40".

This fun 3D hexie themed runner was inspired by the book Stunning 3D Quilts Simplified by Ruth Ann Berry (affiliate link).

Most of the quilts in the book are large and more complex, with only one runner pattern, Knots.

Some may like the look of Knots, but I found it a bit scrunched, plus 4 squares broke my favorite basic design rule of using elements in odd numbers. Thus began the creation of Hexie Twist in EQ8. Pretty easy once I wrapped my head around coloring for the 3D effect.

pink hexie twist

I was also looking for a small project to test out my new Crossover II cutter, curtesy of Crafters Edge, along with their equilateral triangle die.

crafters edge cut fabric triangle

Sure, I could have cut triangles using a ruler, but thought it would be more fun to use the new machine! Forty-six cuts later, I had 224 triangles ready to go. 

lots of fabric triangles

For a quick tutorial on how I did that from strips, check out the Triangle Cutting from Strips with Crafters Edge post.

Once cut, I just needed to follow the color placement for each column, sewing triangles into pairs, then a whole strip.

sewing triangles together

And here's column 1 sideways on the design wall. Once I got going, I kept sewing and finished it up.

How about some quilting detail? I kept the 'top' of the 3D hexies plain, quilting a simple line fill in the dark and light 'side' areas. That helps reinforce the 3D illusion.

With all the angles, the quilting direction could easily have gone off track, but as long as I kept the lines horizontal to the long edges, it all worked out fine.

And now I have a lovely and interesting 3D batik runner to see in my living room!

3D hexagon table runner in blue

That was so much fun to make, I might have to make another. But for a table next time!

Happy Quilting!

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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Midweek Makers 275

Welcome to Midweek Makers - let's do some sharing! 

If you haven't noticed, I'm jumping from project to project right now, making lots of different blocks. This week, it's scrap blocks for RSC2021, hosted by So Scrappy. Angela has chosen light or bright blue for April, saving the darker blues for another month. My theme of adding an off-center black piece, as either a square or a rectangle, continues.

They're looking good, though not making a dent whatsoever to the scrap piles. At least I can check these blocks off my to-do list for the month.

Speaking of color themes, I'm showcasing a couple quilts full of color from last week. From Sew Yummy, this scrappy bear claw quilt,

from Twiggy and Opal, this vibrant Color Explosion quilt,

and from Quilt Schmilt, this fun arrow quilt.


Now it's your turn to share - what have you been working on?

  • please link to your post not your homepage
  • please link a quilt related project
  • visit the others and leave some comment love
And have fun!

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Monday, April 12, 2021

Triangle Cutting from Strips with Crafters Edge

Woohoo! I've gotten a start on my table runner project from the Stunning 3D Quilts Simplified book (affiliate link). Just look at all those triangles!

aqua blue and dark blue die cut triangles

Two hundred and twenty-four to be exact! Here's that number again, 224, for more impact. And all cut with my new Crafters Edge Crossover II machine and the 3.5" equilateral triangle die, making them all the same perfect size.

How easy was it? Super easy! I cut my strips to 3.5", stacking them together for 6 layers of fabric for cutting through the die machine. After carefully setting them on the triangle die, and lining up the parallel cut edges with the die's cutting edges, 

aqua fabric strip lined up on a triangle die

it was just a matter of laying the metal and clear plastic plates on top to run the bundle through the machine. And ta-da! A perfect triangle!

aqua triangle cut with a metal die

Keeping the layered fabric together, I then flipped them over so the previous cut matched the triangle edge. Again, carefully lining up the parallel edges and now the angled cut by both sight and feel, 

aqua fabric strips on a triangle die

I cut another set of 6 triangles. And continued until I had the number of triangles needed for that fabric. Turns out, lining up the cut edges with the die became easier, because after 2-3 runs through a #5 cutting pressure, the remaining part of the strips tend to get pressed together. That means the strips stay together and don't shift making for easy placement on the die.

aqua triangles cut with die cutting machine

After that pretty aqua batik, it was on to the second fabric, and then the third, making around 46 cuts through the Crossover II for 224 triangles. And those triangles are perfect! No variation in width occurred as could have happened with template cutting. I don't know about you, but for me, slippage always seems to occur with templates.

Now that I have all of my triangles cut, I'm set to start sewing my own 3D table runner quilt design.

3D quilt book and 3d hexagon table runner pattern

Notice in the picture above, the pink 3D layout. Yes, I could have gone with the Knots table runner pattern in the book, which is pretty simple,

blue 3D knots table runner

but, me being me, I had to design my own. So, instead of four squares of the Knots table runner, I eliminated one square and stretched the remaining three into hexagons. Now all I need to do is get sewing! See you soon!

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Friday, April 9, 2021

Block Base+ Sew Along

I've joined a new sew along! This one is hosted by Electric Quilt(no affiliation) makers of quilt designing software. 

green and purple batik quilt block 1273

I do all of my quilt designing with the Electric Quilt software, having started with EQ5, upgrading to a much improved EQ6, becoming a tester for EQStitch (EQ7), and now spending lots of time on EQ8. The programs are easy to use and each new version keeps on getting better.

With the opportunity to upgrade my old Block Base to Block Base+, I thought it would also be fun join in on EQ's new sew along featuring Block Base+

And isn't that first block pretty? It's #1273, and according to Block Base+, it's also known under several different names: Maple Leaf, Bright Star, Crow's Foot, Hummingbird, and Rosebud. Personally, I think Crow's Foot fits it best!

The new Block Base+ has 4264 blocks, and can be a stand alone program, or linked to EQ7 or 8. As a stand alone program, each block shows the category it belongs to, alternate names, it's history, and multiple preset quilt layouts, which is fun to scroll through for a quick idea of how the block looks in different quilt layouts. More quilt designs are possible when Block Base+ is linked to EQ7 or EQ8.

Unfortunately, this post would be way too long for more detail, so I recommend looking at the handy comparison chart of old vs new - that should answer any more questions.

Now for the Block Base+ Sew Along. The first block was featured March 29, and every two weeks, a new block will be posted by EQ, for a total of eight. For each block, there's also a link-up two weeks after the block is featured, just to show them off. There's no need to sign up for 3+ month sew along which lasts until mid-July. 

The fun of this sew along is that the blocks can be any size you want, in any arrangement you want, in any fabric you want. The sew along is an opportunity to become familiar with the Block Base+ program

I'm making my blocks 12" x 12", which worked well for block #1273. Composed of triangles and HST's, it was easy to put together.

green and purple quilt block

I'll show the completed block again!

And here's a hint for non-foundation pieced blocks - I highly recommend printing out both the rotary cutting chart and the templates at the desired size block. It's a double check between the cutting chart and the piece size, which avoids confusion and construction delays. How do I know? I only printed the cutting chart, guessing the piece/unit size. Had I printed the templates to measure them, I could have avoided some valuable cutting time.

Have I convinced you of the fun yet? Interested in owning Block Base+, or upgrading from the old version? Use coupon code AQMAG20 for 20% any Electric Quilt product thru July 31, 2021. And I hope to see your blocks in the sew along!

Happy Quilting!

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Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Midweek Makers 274

It's Wednesday, which means it's a Midweek Makers day! First time here? Welcome! I hope you join in on the sharing fun!

I've got another block done for my son's beach quilt, this time it's a house.

pink house teal door and blue roof quilt block

Notice that round window? It was one of my first test cuts using the Crafters Edge Crossover II die cutting system. If you look closely, you can see it's a four patch cut with a circle die, with trim added on the outside. 

round window on a house quilt block

Why the four patch? My son wanted a window pane look and eventually I'll add quilting to further define the line. In another post, I'll explain how I cut the trim.

Now let's have a look at some of the beauties from last week!

There's several sampler quilts in progress, one from Home Sewn by Us,

another from Holy Cow Chris!,

and this one from Quilts and Costumes.

Though this is technically not a sampler quilt, Not Afraid of Color's Stay at Home Round Robin turned out fantastic!

Now it's your turn to share!

  • please link directly to your post not your home page
  • please link a quilt related item
  • visit and leave some comment love!
Have fun!

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Tuesday, April 6, 2021

April Showers for Quilt Block Mania

Remember that poem - the April showers, they bring May flowers? Well, that's exactly what my rain themed April Showers block is bringing to Quilt Block Mania this month!

blue raindrops hitting a yellow flower quilt block

For April, our theme is Rain - just look at all the rain themed blocks the Quilt Block Mania group has designed!

blue and green rain themed quilt blocks

And here's the links to all those rain themed blocks.

Rainbow of raindrops by Carolina Moore
Raindrops by Perkins Dry Goods
Rainy Day Walk Home by The Quilted Diary
Raindrop by Blockofthemodotcom
I Love Rainy Days by Heidi Pridemore
Petrichor by Althea Gyde
Gray Skies are Gonna Clear Up by Blue Bear Quilts
Rain from Heaven by Faith and Fabric
Umbrella and Gumboots by Duck Creek Mountain Quilting
April Showers by QuiltFabrication
Pouring Rain by Patti's Patchwork
Spring Crocus by PhoebeMoon Designs
Playing in the Rain by Puppy Girl Designs
Rainy Day by Studio R Quilts
Rain Showers by Slice of Pi Quilts
Rain by Oh Kaye Quilting
Doves in the rain by Sara Flynn
April Showers by Inquiring Quilter
Rain Will Make the Flowers Grow by Devoted Quilter
I've Got Sunshine on a Rainy Day
Let it Rain
Splish-Splash by Pretty Piney Quilts
April Showers by Cotton Street Commons
Rain on the Window

Notice the very green-themed color palette from Design Seeds this month,

which certainly doesn't leave a lot of wiggle room, does it? But for some reason, I was very inspired, possibly because of the flower picture and not so much the palette. To make that flower and the few raindrops pop, I stuck with the darker green as my background.

blue raindrop on a green background

Enamored with my design, I just had to make the block. With a bit of paper piecing for the raindrops, the rest came together with easy piecing. Isn't it perfect for the theme?

blue raindrops and a yellow flower

The April Showers block features easy paper piecing plus the stitch and flip method to finish the block. For one block, fat quarters and scraps are all that's needed, but if pairing it with the blocks from the Quilt Block Mania group, it's best to go with yardage. That way, the whole quilt will look cohesive with the same fabrics and colors.

My April Showers block finishes at 12" x 12", and is available for free until May 2. The pattern includes all four, full size paper piecing patterns to print out plus complete instructions to finish the block. 

blue raindrops on a green background with a yellow flower

There are two ways to access the download link via my newsletter:

For those already subscribed - The free April Showers block pattern link will be included in the April 13th QFab Monthly newsletter. There is no need to sign up again - just open and view the newsletter for the download link. 

For new subscribers only, sign up to instantly receive your free April Showers block pattern plus monthly quilt inspiration.

Once you submit your email address, look for a welcome email from me, QuiltFabrication, containing the link to download the 'April Showers' block pattern. Then check your inbox toward the middle of each month for the QFab monthly, full of highlights, quilting tips, links to free patterns, and other quilty goodness.

In downloading the pattern, you agree not to share the file with others, but direct them to the Showers for Quilt Block Mania post. Feel free to tell others about QuiltFabrication and become a follower yourself through any or all of the following: direct delivery of posts to your inbox, or by following on Bloglovin, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube.

Happy Quilting!

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Monday, April 5, 2021

Outstanding Blogger Award

The last week was full of surprises and this week is starting that way too! I'm thrilled to say I have been nominated for the Outstanding Blogger Award by my fellow quilter, Melva, of Melva Loves Scraps!

This Outstanding Blogger Award is a fun honor, given from one quilter to another. It's a lovely way to support each other and acknowledge their contributions to the quilting world. Each nominee then shares a bit about themselves, answering the questions posed by the current champion, in my case, Melva. I encourage you to read the answers Melva provided in the acceptance of her award from Roseanne of Home Sewn by Us and Kathy of Living in Rapid City.

For my acceptance, I'll answer Melva's five questions, then nominate five more quilters for the Outstanding Blogger Award.

How did you get started with quilting?

I wish I could say I come from a long line of quilters, but no, that was not part of the sewing tradition that I learned. Mom stuck to making clothes and things for the house, and I followed in those footsteps until I saw 'Simply Quilts' in the early 2000's. 

That program blew my mind! The way that quilters manipulated fabric and shapes to make such stunning quilts - wow! Because the internet was still in it's infancy, I headed to the library to grab all the books available about quilting, teaching myself the basics and more.

What is your favorite block?

I'll admit, I don't have a favorite block, one that I make a lot of. For me, it's more of a style. Over the years, I've learned what shapes I like to cut and sew, preferring blocks with squares or strips, with an occasional HST thrown in. 

What I'm not fond of is odd shapes - diamonds, hexies, or shapes that make weird scraps. Though I'll occasionally try one of those shapes, I tend to stick to blocks that are easy to sew.

Do you participate in a quilt club or guild?

I am a member of our local guild, though participating via Zoom is not for me. I miss the extra activities of in-person meetings, such as fabric sales, block party, basket drawings, class sign-ups, and the mini quilt show. I look forward to the day in-person meetings return.

Have you ever entered a quilt in a competition?

Yes - several times! My most memorable was having Mediterranean Rose shown at the 2019 Houston Quilt Festival. Though the quilt wasn't in a judged category, it was still an honor to have a quilt in the show.

Otherwise, I prefer to stay local, hand delivering quilts to either our local fair or PIQF.

What is something you enjoy doing outside the quilting world?

Though I deem my hubby the gardener, I do spend time watering and trimming our landscape and potted plants. But my biggest 'gardening' joy is tending to all of my orchids, all 62 of them! They're my little children, and within the next few weeks, close to half of them will be blooming - yay!

Enough about me! Now it's time to nominate another group for the Outstanding Blogger Award and I hope they feel just as honored as I am! My nominees are:

Carol from Just Let Me Quilt

Joan of Moosestash Quilting

Carla of Creatin' In the Sticks

Emily of The Darling Dogwood

Anorina of Samelia's Mum

Questions for the nominees to answer include:

  • What was your first quilt and do you still have it?
  • What's the biggest quilt you ever made?
  • Describe your dream sewing space.
  • What's your favorite color to work with and why?
  • When your not quilting, what occupies your time?
I, and other quilt bloggers look forward to getting to know a bit more about you!

Happy Quilting!

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