Saturday, November 29, 2014

More Black Friday

The Black Friday deals just keep coming!  This morning, I headed to Michael's to take advantage of a doorbuster price of $18.88 on an LED OttLite.
It's a very flexible, and bright table top LED model, which I've placed next to the sofa for when I'm sewing bindings.
The brightness on the sofa arm comes from this light.  If you get a chance, go get one!

Yesterday's deal was 30% off Silhouette products at Joann's, though I think they were 40% off online.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find enough to qualify for free shipping, so I opted for the store.  Got a couple more mats, and a blade.
With the addition of the Silhouette cutter to my quilting space, I also purchased an applique class through Craftsy.
I really like the look of hand applique, but just don't have the time to devote to it.  This a machine technique that's supposed to look like it's done by hand, which will hopefully end my search for the look I want.

Since I'm on a never ending quest to use up my stash, especially the old stuff, I also purchased Strip Your Stash.
Looks like it could provide some interesting ways to use up what I've got.  If you haven't checked out their sale--$19.99 or less on classes--click on the link below to see all of their offerings.  Prices good through Monday night, December 1st. 
Online Quilting Class

And last but not least, some progress on the November Book of the Month.  Can you believe I waited until the 29th to work on this???  Just too many things in my life during November!
I decided to do the Modern Grace pattern,
from the book, Supersize 'Em,
pulling out purple fabrics to go with the B+W floral print I got earlier in the month.
The pattern calls for a bold B+W stripe, but that's nowhere to be found, even in my extensive B+W stash.  So, I'm going to have to stitch solid black and solid white together in rows to get the same effect.  Wish another fabric could substitute, but the pattern really looks better with it.

Okay, enough shopping!  It's time for me to get to work sewing those B+W strips.

Have a great weekend shopping and quilting!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Falling Leaves

Happy Thanksgiving to all!  And I have my beautiful Falling Leaves quilt to show, perfect for the season.

Got it done just before red and green take over our lives, so excuse the reindeer in the background!

Here's a couple quilting closeups.
The leaf pattern was stitched in both the cream area and the more colorful areas, following the zigzag of the quilt top.  This pattern is one I created from two existing pantos, Fall Leaves and Fall Oak Leaves,
specifically to fit the zigzag space.
The colorful zigzag was wider, and required some fill, but a flowing line of curls solved that problem.
And on a previous post, I showed how I quilted it from the front of the machine.  Worked great, just wish I could have completed the quilt in a day, versus a row today, a couple rows the next day, etc.  Found I was always double checking the panto placement because of laser light movement.  But I'd still try following a design from the front again.

Not to be forgotten is the back.
Four yards of fabric, stitched with a band in between the selvage edges provided the length I needed.

How's the Black Friday shopping going?  Hubby and I looked through the ads, but didn't find much to inspire us to brave the crowds.  Instead, we shopped on-line, and yes, I did order the Silhouette Cameo, opting for the new, redesigned model. Check it out here, on Cost a bit more than the model at Joann's, but got the bundle deal, so lots of extras. 

Next on the list is more Glide thread.  I received an email that there is free shipping on orders over $45, and 10% off of most thread.  Try using the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY14 at if you're interested.

And last but not least, my favorite online class company, Craftsy, is having a great sale through Monday, December 1!
All classes are $19.99 or less!  Woohoo!
Now to do more online shopping!

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ah, quilting

My quilting life has come to a slow creep, much to my chagrin.  The addition of my mom to the household has created new challenges, both good and bad.  But I have managed to finish quilting the September Book of the Month quilt, 
and am now applying the binding.  My frame is empty, 
but I do have a charity quilt waiting to go on.  Can you believe I still haven't removed the protective cover on the Lightening Stitch display?

Anyway, since I've not had large stretches of time or the focus to devote to quilting, I find myself in a purchasing mood. Definitely NOT good!  And with Black Friday upon us, it's an even worse temptation.

It started when Connecting Threads was having a 40% off of books sale this last week.  And there were a couple I wished I had gotten with my last order.  What did I do?  Ordered up to $50 to get free shipping!  And the box arrived today!
Now I'm debating whether to open it or not.  Do I wrap it up to surprise myself at Christmas, or do I break down to check that the order is correct?  I'm leaning toward the first one. Trust me, I don't get quilting surprises under the tree.

Then today, Mom and I headed to JoAnn's for the 50% off fabric.  Yep, I know some of it isn't the best quality, but I'm looking for prints to use in landscape quilts, which are not going to receive repeated washing.  Found these, on the left,
plus the cute turtle fabric for a baby quilt.  And that black and white one?  It's goes in the B+W stash.  And I can't let a 40% off coupon go to waste.  That was used on a quilt art book, but more on that later.

Now, what am I looking for on Black Friday?  Either a Silhouette Cameo (JoAnn's has a special deal on one, if they get them in!), or either a Sizzix or Accuquilt die cut machine. I'm leaning toward the Cameo, as it seems more versatile. Anyone have a preference?  Would love to hear the pros and cons!

What quilty thing are you looking for on Black Friday???

Friday, November 7, 2014

Quilt on the Frame!

Today, determined to get some quilting done, I decided to load the fall Book of the Month top onto the frame.  

I had my pseudo-pantograph all ready to go.  I'll call it that because it doesn't go edge-to-edge in a straight line, nor is it randomly placed.  But it is a continuous line.

Due to the size of this quilt, I had to bite the bullet and buy backing fabric.  Four yards of this pretty plaid,
cut into two 2 yard pieces sewn selvage to selvage wasn't going to be long enough.  So I inserted a 16" piece in the middle (the one on the left), that was from one of the fabrics used on the top.  Unfortunately, this created two seams, which means I now had to load the quilt top to bottom to avoid seam bulk around the roller.  I wanted to load it side to side so that I could stitch a continuous line through cream and leaf areas.  So much for that idea!

Now I'm stuck doing a section at a time, which requires starting and stopping.  And lots more time!
But there is some good to come out of this!  I jerry-rigged my laser pointer to the front of the machine
(haven't bought the front mount yet) so that I can follow the pattern from the front.  This is a technique I've always wanted to try, and so far, so good.  I just have to be very aware of where the pattern is to be placed.  But the quilting part, easy!
One pass is done, and hopefully I'll get more done tomorrow.  Sunday for sure--hubby won't be home!

And in case your wondering about the Sharpie marker and paint ordeal, I'm happy to report that it's all better now.  In desperation, I painted black over the Sharpie marks, then came back with primer.  
Added another coat of primer to the entire wall, and thankfully, all gone.  Now the room has blank walls ready quilts!

Have a wonderful weekend quilting!

Monday, November 3, 2014

November Book of the Month

I'm going to try my best to complete a Book of the Month quilt this November, with the help of Supersize 'Em by Debby Kratovil.
I have a lot of commitments this month, the biggest one moving my mother into my house. I've spent two days trying to get a room ready, including painting, but stubborn Sharpie marks will not go away. So far, 3 coats of primer, one of latex color, and another 2 of a different primer.

Sure the yellow of the balls is covered, but the black just won't go away. Maybe I needed to get the oil based primer. Hopefully I'll have better luck tomorrow.  Just a note, do not use Sharpie on your walls!

Anyway, back to quilting.  There are several patterns in the book that look interesting, and here's a sampling.
This pretty one with hearts, though I don't think I've got time for it.  And this one with daisies,
but I'll have to see if I have any black and white flower fabric.

Then there's these

both star based, and very pretty, so a good possibility.  And this one, which could use up my stash nicely.
Which one would you pick?

Happy Quilting!