Monday, January 25, 2021

Stay at Home Round Robin - 2

Are you playing along with the Stay at Home Round Robin? Ready for the next round, Plus Signs?

green plus sign border around a house block

Making this round mostly green, I've pulled away from the red, white, and blue theme to bring out the green of the grass. Plus, I thought it would be nice to pull out yellow from the windows, adding spark again in the corners.

yellow and green plus sign blocks in the quilt corners

Unfortunately, I think the yellow is a bit bright, and wished I had chosen a different value. Am I going to remake those plus signs with a different yellow? No, because this is a work-in-progress, no-plan type of quilt. It is what it is, and all I can do is work to lessen my perceived flaw, both within this round and subsequent ones.

So, how about the addition of some blue plus signs to tone down those yellow ones and not make them so bright against the green?

yellow and blue with green plus sign blocks

Yes, that seems to work. And the blue ties the plus sign round with the piano keys and the center, while also minimizing the strength of the green. It's not exactly my favorite round so far, but we'll see what happens when the others are added.

green border with yellow and blue plus signs blocks

There are seven of us leading this Stay at Home Round Robin, and I encourage you to visit each one to see how they are approaching each round.

We are definitely all doing our own individual interpretation of each round, which shows you just what is possible.

If your are joining us in sewing, link up this week with Emily at The Darling Dogwood.

Happy Quilting!

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Friday, January 22, 2021

Flexi-Fuse Fusible Web Review

I'm so excited that I finally got to share my long-dreamed-of Snowflake runner yesterday. Just look at those snowflakes - they came out even better than I could have imagined!

white snowflakes on a blue background

A large portion to the success of this Snowflake runner is owed to a fusible web product called Flexi-Fuse (affiliate link). I had ordered both a Flexi Fuse pack of 10 (affiliate link) plus a pack of 25 (affiliate link) several months ago, but hadn't tried it yet. This was the perfect project for testing.

fusible web

For starters, I would put the fusible 'weight' at around a light to medium, with good adherence to the backing paper. Some fusibles fall off the backing easily, but this is not one of those. The fusible itself has a nice grid/weave feel to it, giving me confidence that my appliques will stick.

Another reason I chose this product was because of the convenient 8" x 10.5" sized sheets. It dawned on me I could print my snowflake outlines, eliminating the tracing work. 

Unfortunately, nowhere on the package does the product say it can go through a printer. But hey, I was willing to try, even if it meant sacrificing a sheet. 

Usually I'm wary of putting items, such as a fusible sheet or freezer paper, through my printer. To get around that issue, I'll tape a regular piece of paper to protect the fusible sheet or to cover the slick freezer paper. 

Using small pieces of tape along the top of the paper edge which feeds into the printer, it provides protection for the fusible, or gives the printer something to grip instead of slippery freezer paper.

flexi fuse sheet taped to paper for printing centering

Something that I noticed when taping - the Flexi Fuse sheet is 8" wide. To make sure my snowflakes printed in the 8" space, I made sure the Flexi Fuse sheet was centered on the paper for printing. I could have ordered the Flexi Fuse Roll (affiliate link) and cut my own sheets to size, but these sheets are much more convenient. It certainly pays to check the width of fusible printer sheets before printing a project. 

In the picture below, the Flexi Fuse sheet is centered and taped to paper, ready for printing. Behind it is a snowflake printed out on Flexi Fuse.

flexi fuse fusible web

The instructions for ironing the fusible sheet to fabric are easy and straightforward. Cutting out the snowflake shapes was also easy - the fusible stayed on both the fabric and the paper, and no loose threads or fuzz along the edge. 

Just as easy was fusing the snowflakes to the background fabric - no damp press cloth required! Check out the clean edges and no gumming up on the needle.

white snowflakes on a blue background

As for the final hand the appliques have, I'd say soft, especially since no excess Flexi Fuse was cut out from the snowflakes. Every single bit of white is completely fused to the background. It's certainly a nice feel!

I'm glad I finally got to test Flexi Fuse, especially with these snowflakes, and I'm looking forward to using it again.
Happy Quilting!

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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Snowflake Table Runner

Welcome to my day of the Hearts on Fire blog hop, hosted by Carol of Just Let Me Quilt. I've showed several sneak peeks lately and now it's time for the big reveal of my heart themed Snowflake runner!

white heart themed snowflakes on a blue background for a table runner by QuiltFabrication

For years, I've wanted to make a runner of randomly placed and falling-off-the-edge snowflakes. But the mechanics of how to do that eluded me. Sure, I could cut paper patterns and trace them, but that didn't sound like fun.

Then, when the Hearts on Fire hop came up to use hearts, but with the stipulation that we couldn't use red, I had to think outside the box. It's then that things started to fall into place to finally realize my snowflake runner dream.

First, I started to play with the wreathmaker tool in EQ8. I made a few hearts, added extra elements to them, then adjusted everything with the wreathmaker tool to create my first snowflake.

one white heart themed snowflake

(Note: Those of you who received the January QFab newsletter were treated to a free bonus download of a simpler variation of this snowflake. That bonus snowflake, #8, though not on the runner, is included in the Snowflake runner pattern.)

Turns out, designing the snowflakes became addicting. Within a hour or so, I had four heart themed snowflakes designed in EQ8. That's all fine and good, but how do I get them easily to fabric?

Element two now comes into play to make all of this work. Enter Flexi-Fuse (affiliate link), a new-to-me fusible web.

flexi fuse applique webbing

I had ordered this several months ago, but hadn't tried it yet. Then it dawned on me - I could print my snowflake outlines, eliminating the tracing work. Sweet! Tomorrow, I'll review Flexi Fuse, sharing some pointers on using it. 

Now, back to the snowflakes. All that was necessary was a suitable background fabric, a bit of random placement, and my snowflake runner becomes a reality.

snowflake appliques fused to a background

Though the snowflakes look complex, they're really quite simple. Looking closely, most of them cut out as one piece. Some are several pieces of easy shapes. My goal was to make them interesting but not complicated.

Printing, fusing, and cutting went smoothly, as did the applique stitching using invisible thread and a short, narrow zigzag in free motion mode or what I call freemotion applique. 

What's freemotion applique? It's a faster way to stitch around an applique without all the turning, and the same technique I used on Gnome for the Holidays - check out the Freemotion Applique tutorial, or watch my Freemotion Applique in action on YouTube.

stitching down snowflake appliques

Once all the applique stitching was done, it was time for quilting. I chose a dense, echoed triangle fill for the background, plus outlining around the snowflakes.

dense echoed triangle fill around snowflakes

Notice there's no binding showing. I'll go over how I did that in a post next week. For now, enjoy a couple more closeups of those pretty heart-themed snowflakes.

closeup of four heart themed snowflakes on a table runner by QuiltFabrication

And the other end.

closeup of four heart themed snowflakes

And I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! It came out better than I ever could have imagined.

A couple more things:

The Snowflake runner pattern is available in my Etsy shop at a blog hop special price, now through January 24. The pattern includes the 7 full size, printable snowflakes used on the runner, plus an eighth bonus snowflake. 

And be sure to visit these other quilters today for their heart inspired creations. 

 January 21

Ms P Designs USA


Becky’s Adventures in Quilting and Travel

Ridge Top Quilt

For The Love Of Geese

Sew Many Yarns

Quilting Gail

For the full Hearts on Fire blog hop list for the week, please visit Carol at Just Let Me Quilt.

orange heart on fire

 Happy Quilting!

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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Midweek Makers

Welcome to Midweek Makers - let's share what we're working on!

midweek makers surrounded by snowflakes

I always associate January with snow and often decorate my home in blue and white in the few weeks between Christmas and Valentine's Day. Let It Snow, Frosty Lace, and Frozen adorn the walls, while Winter Forest and and a new creation grace the tables. Here's a sneak peek of the newbie, with the big reveal on Friday for the Just Let Me Quilt's Hearts on Fire blog hop.

white hearts on a blue background

Though Christmas is over, it's not for client quilts. Here's two I worked on over the last week, adding pale green trees to this scrappy tree runner,

red and green scrappy christmas trees

and snowdrifts and snowflakes to a Peppermint Reindeer.

taupe applique reindeer on a cream background

snowdrifts and snowflake quilting on a reindeer quilt

While on the subject of Christmas, one last cute gnome quilt showed up last week, quilted by Grace and Peace Quilting.

gnome quilt

What's your share this week - we'd love to see! Come link up!

  • please link directly to your post
  • please link a quilt related item
  • visit with the others and leave some quilt love
Have fun!

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Monday, January 18, 2021

Stay at Home Round Robin - 1

Are you ready to sew Round 1 of the Stay at Home Round Robin? This first round features the easy and always popular piano keys.

house with a quilt on the laudry line

If you're just joining in on the fun, Welcome! Quilting Gail is hosting another Stay at Home Round Robin, a quilt you work on completely by yourself instead of passing it to others for each round. Since we're at round 1, there's plenty of time to join in. For more details, the Stay at Home Round Robin 2021 post should answer any questions you may have.

For my piano key round, I hit the scrap bag for the blues and reds, and found a multi-colored dot print to tie everything together. Little did I know I would become attached to those dots, wishing I had more of it!

As for the design, I used the size of the blue scraps, roughly figuring out an even spacing. This was not designed in EQ - it's completely free form sewing using pieces that I had.

piano key quilt border

For extra punch, and a fine way to deal with the corners, I added in red squares. Now didn't that liven it up!

red and blue piano key border around a quilt block

I had said before that the center block leans patriotic, but I don't want the final quilt to be completely red, white, and blue. So expect a different color for the next round.

This week, Chris from Chrisknitssews, who chose piano keys, is hosting the Round 1 linky party. When you've completed yours, link up for everyone to see! 

And be sure to see what my fellow quilters have dreamed up for their round 1 piano keys. We'll be back next week for round 2.

Happy Quilting!

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Friday, January 15, 2021

RSC2021 January Pinks

I've committed again to the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2021, better known as RSC2021 from So Scrappy. January's color choice is pink, my favorite! This year, I'm approaching this challenge a bit differently, making blocks for a rainbow quilt,

pink quilt blocks with a black center square

and blocks for a pink, black, and white quilt.

pink black and white scrappy quilt blocks

The RSC blocks are put together in a log cabin style, with strips added around a black square and a final block size at 8 1/2".

dark pink and light pink scrappy quilt blocks

I started with a 2" black square in the dark pink blocks, keeping the pinks within a tight value range, adding in some pinks with other colors. For the light pink blocks, the black square was 2 1/2", which I like better and will probably use for most of the rest of the RSC blocks, though I'll throw in the smaller square so the pink blocks don't look out of place.

After six pink blocks for RSC, the dent in the scrap pile on the right was practically non-existent.

pink scrap piles

Time to incorporate some of it into the pink/black/white prints on the left. But what to make?

Wanting to keep the pink/black/white theme going from this bag of scraps purchased years ago at a small quilt show, I discovered a large chunk in the group that's mostly white. Starting with the smallest piece at 6" wide, I cut squares,

6 inch squares from a pink black and white floral print

then subcut triangles, and added strips to the long edge.

pink strips added to black and white triangles

A final square-up at 5 1/2", plus consciously choosing pink or black for the adjoining side, makes blocks that will probably be set to make pink and black scrappy squares. 

pink black and white half square triangle blocks

Notice the two fabrics in the lower left, blacks with either pink dots or pink bows. Those are recent purchases that will make it into this quilt as my black/pink fabrics are more limited than the pinks. 

Though I'm enjoying the sea of pink in my sewing space right now, I'll have to set this project aside for awhile due to other commitments - client quilts, the Stay at Home Round Robin, the Hearts on Fire hop, and a couple of block designs for both Quilt Block Mania and the US States. That's a lot on my to-do list, but it's keeping me out of trouble!

See you Monday with the second round of the Round Robin - are you joining in?

Happy Quilting!

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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Midweek Makers

Welcome to Midweek Makers! I've been working away on both the Stay at Home Round Robin, seen on Monday, and a project for the Hearts on Fire blog hop, staring January 18.

drawn hearts on paper

Looks intriguing, doesn't it? Those who received my QFab monthly newsletter yesterday got an even better sneak peek, plus a free download from the project - a special treat just for subscribers. The big reveal is January 21, my day for the Hearts on Fire blog hop - I think you're going to love it!

I must say, I've had a fun time reading all the answers to the four previous Rafflecopter giveaway entries. I've learned a lot of you really like paper piecing, dragons, unicorns, stars, any and all gemstones, sewing gifts for the kitchen, and crock pots! I'd say I'm pretty much in line with all of you, except for unicorns and crock pots. Sorry about that.

Which brings me to announce the winner for the Sew Home in the Kitchen book giveaway from last week: congratulations to Sharon, who, along with sewing gifts for the kitchen, loves her toaster oven (which was the second most popular small kitchen appliance). Oh we are so lucky to live in a period of time to have all of these wonderful gadgets!

I'm sticking with the bright quilts again this week - they so catch the eye! 

From Sew Yummy,

from Scrapbox Quilts,

from For the Love of Geese,

from Anja Quilts,

from The Academic Quilter,

and from In Stitches with Bonnie.

Now it's your turn! Come share what you're working on!

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Have fun!

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