Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Beach Hut April Quilt Block Mania

This month's Quilt Block Mania theme is 'beach'. My block, Beach Hut, is all about retreating to the beach!

If you've been a follower over the last two years, you may recognize this Beach Hut from my quilt, Beach Boardwalk. 

I have fond memories of designing and making that quilt, memories which have carried over to this month's block. 

Though not originally a 12" square block, adding a bit of background to the sides makes the perfect size for a 12" Quilt Block Mania block, which I'm sharing with you.

Let's take a look at the other beach themed blocks for this month:

All of these blocks are free for the month of April - get them while you can! Be sure to thank the designers for their generosity.

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Beach Umbrella by Inflorescence Designs
Beach Hut by QuiltFabrication
Scooping Sand by Patti's Patchwork
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Beach Bum Bear by Colette Belt Designs
Scrappy Starfish by Sewistry
Seashell by Slightly Biased Quilts
Crab by Tourmaline Thyme Quilts
Sea Lion by Emerald Falls Quilts
Seaside Horizon by Cristy Fincher
Sunshiny Days Block by Craftapalooza Designs
Buoy by Oh Kaye Quilting
Surf Shop FPP Pattern
Eyes on your Fries

For my Beach Hut block, a few fat quarters are needed and yes, make it any color you'd like. Here's my Beach Hut block that went into Beach Boardwalk, of course minus the side pieces that would make it a 12" block.

The Beach Hut block may look a bit challenging to the beginner quilter, but with the pattern's detailed instructions, any quilter should be able to easily piece this. Sorry, it's no longer free but the block, and many other beach themed blocks, are available in the Beach Boardwalk quilt pattern.

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Happy Quilting!

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  1. Thank you for this pattern and all the others from the past I have downloaded for free from you. Appreciate your hard work.

  2. Thanks, I like to make houses. I've really only seen a beach hut in movies. In the US there are changing rooms but they are open to the public and made of cinder blocks with full plumbing.


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