Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Midweek Makers #160

Welcome to Midweek Makers! Who's up for sharing this week? I am!

I've got quilting to show on the Summer quilt pattern, though with my color choices, I'm calling it Summer Ocean.

quilting progress on Summer Ocean

Lots of ruler work, and lots of stops and starts - what was I thinking?? Though a ton of work, I'm sure it will look fantastic when it's done - check out the Summer Ocean post.

And this week I'm featuring black and white quilts, since I just made two for Paradise, CA. Take a look at these black and white beauties from last week's Midweek Makers:

from Kathleen McMusing,


from Song Bird Designs,

from That Fabric Feeling,


and from Paula B Quilts.


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Have fun at the party!

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Monday, January 28, 2019

Summer Ocean

Here it is, my version of the Summer quilt from the Quilt Giving book, which I've renamed Summer Ocean because of the color scheme. Doesn't the garden gate/trellis make a pretty quilt hanger?

hanging Summer Ocean quilt

And here's the whole quilt, made the same size as in the book, 64" x 80".

Summer Ocean by QuiltFabrication

Originally, I wanted to just make a baby quilt size, but found that because of the block size, the design was cut off on the side and bottom. 

small, incomplete version of the Summer quilt

Scaling back the block size would have been better - maybe next time! Fortunately, I had just enough background fabrics to make more blocks for the full size, though I'm not really sure what I'm going to do with such a large quilt.

But check out the backing! A pretty blue/aqua 4 yard piece was in the stash, and it works so well with the front.

Summer Ocean quilt backing

Remember I gave hints for piecing backing that would make a longarmer very happy? Well, I did that horizontal seam, and then decided to load the quilt on it's side so that I could quilt a lengthwise row. Not the best planning on my part.

Summer Ocean quilting across the rows is in progress

But being me, I bit the bullet and dealt with yet another quilt with some sagging on the ends. Fortunately, this one came out fine.

I also chose ruler work in keeping with the geometric theme. There were lots of stops and starts, and the quilt police will surely point out my knots!

Summer Ocean quilting

Summer Ocean quilting across the rows

I'll be keeping this one around for awhile, as it has a nice soft hand, then who knows where it's forever home will be?

So that's it for my January Book of the Month feature. I could have kept going and made a few more, as there are some really nice, modern patterns in Quilt Giving. But, it's time to move on, and to continue to use up the stash - just makes room for more fabric!

Happy Quilting!

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Friday, January 25, 2019

Corner Triangle Tips and Tricks

There's been lots of sewing activity going on around here, mostly in making more blocks for the Summer quilt pattern from the Quilt Giving book. In the process, I've learned a few tricks in making these corner triangle blocks that I'd like share today.

Sewing these corner triangles is also known as the 'stitch-and-flip method', as the two pieces are stitched together, trimmed, and then the smaller piece is flipped over to the right side to finish the block. Let's have a look at the tips below to make the process easier.

The first tip is to mark the backside, from corner to corner, of the small square that will be the corner triangle. There's no room here for guessing a straight line, or using a guide placed on the machine. A straight pencil line to follow is what's needed here.

drawn line corner to corner
Once the outer edges of the small square are lined up with the larger block's corner, the next tip is to stitch just a thread's width to the seam allowance side of that drawn line.

stitch to the seam allowance side of the line

This compensates for that little bit of fabric that's taken up in the fold when the seam is pressed. And if all has gone well, the edges will line up too, eliminating extra trimming. I've placed lines on each edge to show how everything has lined up after pressing.

finished corner triangle

And here's an optional tip:  stitch another line 1/2" away from the first, within the seam allowance (the area going toward the corner of the large square). Then cut in between the two stitching lines.

corner triangle block and a half square triangle

And the result is the original corner square block, and a bonus HST.

corner triangle block and a half square triangle from start to finish

Now that's efficient sewing - creating the block needed, and getting HST's to use in another project, cutting down on a bunch of triangles to add to the scrap pile. Woohoo!

So I'm off to finish up my blocks and get them sewn into a quilt - there's more coming on the Summer quilt in the next few days.

Happy Quilting!

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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Midweek Makers #159

Welcome back to the Midweek Makers! 

The linky is back to the usual style, as many of you had difficulty linking up last week. I'm sorry to have caused frustration among my loyal party-goers, but I felt I needed to try the new format, as I have a suspicion the older style won't last forever. Change is in the air for linky parties - let's just hope we can hold it off for a while!

On the bright side, I've gotten both blue and aqua blocks made for the Summer Quilt from the Quilt Giving book.

I originally wanted to make a baby quilt size, but the block size is too big, as the quilt design between the blue and the aqua doesn't turn out well.

Summer quilt blocks

Half of the quilt disappears on the right, and the triangle pieces are just there. Except for the two center triangle strips, there's not much pattern interest.
So, I'm thinking of cutting some more blocks, and just making the quilt size from the book, which makes it another large lap, or almost a twin size quilt.

And because I'm working in blue and aqua, I'm highlighting those projects from last week that also have those colors.

From Storied Quilts,

From deJong Dream House,  

From Cheeky Cognoscenti.

Pretty, aren't they? And now it's your turn - come link up!
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Enjoy the party and thanks for stopping by!

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Monday, January 21, 2019

Black and White Blog Hop - My Day!

Today it's all about black and white quilts for another fun blog hop hosted by Carla at Creatin' in the Sticks!

If you've been paying attention to some of my previous posts, you'll know I've been working on a couple more quilts for Paradise, CA. And funny, they just happen to be black and white - yes, I planned it that way!

Let me introduce Paradise 8,

Paradise 8, a Quarter Cut quilt pattern

another from my Quarter Cut quilt tutorial, made with a black and white theme this time.

And then there's Paradise 9

Paradise 9, a free form pieced quilt by QuiltFabrication

made from blacks and whites pulled for Paradise 8, but didn't make it into that quilt. This one is totally free form piecing, using the given widths and lengths of the fabrics pulled. There was very little cutting to make the pieces fit - lucky me! I really like this one too, as it reminds me of an interesting tile setting, with the variety of big and little pieces.

Both large lap quilts use the Happy Times pantograph, as it's such a nice open, pleasant design.

Happy Times quilt pantograph

Don't you just love that zebra print? Tried to use all of it, even with the binding, but still have about 1/2 yard left. 

And the best of all? Both quilts have the same backing fabric, with a horizontal strip to add a bit of length. 

Paradise 8 backing
Paradise 8 backing

Paradise 9 backing
Paradise 9 backing

Though both backings have vertical seams (dreaded by longarmers!), I dealt with it just so I could use up that fabric. That's right - 6.5 yards of a sheet music print is no longer taking up valuable real estate in the stash - woohoo!!! I really need to start making one of those fabric in/fabric out tally sheets for the year, as I'm off to a great start on using up the stash.

Also notice the numbers behind the quilt names, 8 and 9. It means this is the eighth and ninth quilt I'm sending to Paradise, CA, and probably the last. Nine large lap sized quilts in two months is a pretty good donation number - I hope they provide some comfort.

Now, these two aren't the only black and white quilts created for the Black and White Blog Hop - there's plenty more to see from all of these talented quilters:

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Enjoy hopping!

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Friday, January 18, 2019

Summer Quilt Update

Remember a few weeks ago I choose Quilt Giving as my January Book of the Month choice?

Quilt Giving by Deborah Fisher

And that I was keen on making the Summer quilt pattern?

Summer quilt pattern from Quilt Giving book

Well, I'm happy to report I've done the fabric pull and have the squares cut and I'm ready to start sewing. 

fabric pieces for the Summer quilt in blue and aqua

I decided to use different colors for my quilt - blues that are close to navy, and blue aquas. Once again, the quilt will be a baby sized version, as I need to add to my baby boy stash of quilts for hubby's coworkers.

I also fished through some older prints that had both colors in them to use for the corner pieces. Though not baby-ish, they should add a nice bit of sparkle.

And a couple more updates: two more quilts are done for Paradise, CA, for a total of 9. I'll show those on Monday, as it been too rainy and wet to go outside and take pictures.

The other update is the new Midweek Makers link up coding will go back to the old style. It appears a lot of people were having trouble linking up, so I'll use the old format as long as I can until Inlinkz shuts it down.

That's it for now - I'm off to sew!

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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Midweek Makers #158

Welcome to Midweek Makers! It's a very special day, as it's my birthday!

Happy Birthday to me

And when I say special, I mean special! Now I'm old enough to move into a active adult community (not that I'm going to!), get senior discounts at restaurants, and most important - get my senior discount at Joann fabrics! Silly, I know, but for me, it's those little things in life.

Since this is my special day, I'm passing over the features from last week, and offering a present to everyone else. To celebrate this milestone birthday today, I'm adding my two 5's together to offer a 10% discount on everything in my Etsy shop! Be sure to use coupon code "HAPPYBIRTHDAY" at checkout, today only, January 16, 2019.

Along with the coupon present to everyone, I'm also trying out the new, spiffy Inlinkz link party format - tell me what you think! Like it? Hate it? Leave me a comment.

Happy Quilting everyone - I'm off to celebrate!

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Monday, January 14, 2019

Quilt Backing - a Longarmer's Perspecitve

I wear a lot of hats in my little quilt business, with those as quilt maker, designer, and longarmer most important - without them, there would be no QuiltFabrication.
QuiltFabrication 2019 header
As I was loading a quilt back onto the frame for one of my Paradise quilts, the thought hit me that Susan, the longarmer, would not be very happy with Susan, the customer because of her pieced backing.

Now, because this is my quilt, I'll put up with my faux pas. But when giving quilts to a longarmer for quilting, make her life easier when she loads that backing onto her frame.

So, what did I do that annoys a longarmer? Well, I created a vertical seam in the backing.

vertical seam on a quilt back

And why is this annoying? Because, on a large quilt, it causes the backing to sag on the sides of the seam due to a tighter seam allowance buildup on the roller. 

sagging quilt backing due to a vertical seam

Instead of one piece of fabric rolling around on that roller, there are two to three pieces at the seam, depending on how the seam is pressed. Notice in the photo, my vertical seam is pressed open, which helps minimize some of the buildup, and lessen the sag.

pressed open vertical seam to minimize sag

And what will longarmers love? Horizontal seams, which run along the length of the roller, totally eliminating any sag.

horizontal quilt backing seams

So, whenever possible, make your seams horizontal - your longarmer will love you!

Happy Quilting!

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