Friday, January 21, 2022

12 FREE Heart Quilt Blocks

What would Valentine's Day be without hearts? Today I'm sharing 12 different FREE heart quilt blocks from numerous quilters. Choose your favorites or love them all!

Let's start off with the easy-to-stitch heart blocks.

Cluck Cluck Sew has a great tutorial on how to make these simple hearts, including a printable pattern for seven different sized hearts - awesome!

three different sized pink heart quilt blocks

Here's a simple heart made from squares, the Pixelated Heart from Robert Kaufman. Though shown as an entire quilt, this could easily be resized to a block.

And Heather Givens did just that for her scrappy heart block, which measures 14".

Here's instructions for a similar block, a woven heart block in 6", 9", and 12" sizes from Generations Quilt Patterns.

The same site also has a tutorial (with great cutting/size charts!) for 5", 7.5", 10', and 15" woven heart blocks. Can't beat charts for multiple sizes!

Now let's move into heart quilt blocks made with strips. First up are strips sewn vertically to make this heart from Craftsy.

The Crafty Quilter stitched her strips horizontally for an ombre heart,

while Modern Domestic placed those strips on a 45 angle to make her Take Heart block.

With a slight variation on the one above, the Love heart quilt block is created by Blend fabrics.

Last but not least are a few free heart block patterns that are a bit more complex in construction. Generations Quilt Patterns has another free pattern, this time a log cabin heart block.

Neverland Stitches also has a log cabin heart block, done with scraps,

Diary of a Quilter has a heart-in-a-heart block pattern,

and Bonjour Quilts adds to the group with a couple of her Valentine's Heart block pattern.

That's a lot of FREE heart quilt blocks to choose from! Hmm, I'm thinking I might have to make all of these for a heart sampler quilt - wouldn't that be just lovely???

Happy Quilting!

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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Midweek Makers 315

Welcome to Midweek Makers! Let's do some sharing!

My cutting table is still awash in red scraps as I continue my quest to use them up. So far, I have eight more 8.5" square blocks, four 4.5" square blocks, and three 5" blocks which may get turned into 8.5's. 

I'm thinking a couple of the 8.5" blocks will go in the RSC2022 quilt, while the remaining might go in a red and white quilt or something completely different. We shall see what I come up with!

I'm going to continue to showcase red shares from last week, starting with Sew Preeti Quilts, who made a few red blocks (toward the bottom of her post) and needs help on how to set them.

Melva Loves Scraps shared a pretty red and black quilt,

and Quilts, etc shared a beautiful Hunter's Star quilt in red and cream.

Now it's your turn - what do you have to share this week?

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  • visit with the other guests and leave some comment love
Have fun!

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Monday, January 17, 2022

January RSC Update

Last Wednesday on Midweek Makers, I showed a start of the odd triangular scraps getting sewn into usable rectangles. Today, I've got some further progress to show on this project.

Though I'm busy making more blocks, it turns out I have a year's worth of scrap blocks leftover from 2019, just hanging out, waiting. With these unfinished 8.5" and 4" blocks, I've come up with a potential layout idea, shown above. 

The number of blocks I have is not quite enough for the size quilt I want. This year, I'd like to avoid a border and just have scrappy blocks from edge to edge. Which means I need those blocks I'm busy stitching.

After pulling out that red scrap bag, I've set to work. Using the technique I show in my Making Blocks from Crumbs video, within an hour or so, I had two more 8.5" blocks, a 4" block, a bunch of block starts, and still a TON of scraps!

These bits and pieces just don't disappear - I've probably got half a quilt sitting right there! I think I'll keep sewing until those scraps get reduced to (hopefully) a handfull. Who knows - maybe I'll even come up with another block idea to get them used up.

Anyway, the layout idea is still rough and I'm not sure exactly how many blocks to make in each color. What's for certain is a narrow strip of black, placed horizontally between the 4" blocks, will make an unfinished 4" x 8.5" unit. I may sandwich these units in between 8.5" blocks of the same color, or possibly between complementary colors. 

Ultimately, I want a lap/twin size quilt, or maybe even larger depending on how this idea goes. Sure, I could plan it out in EQ, but since this is based on impromtu scrap blocks, I'd like to keep the design that way too. And if I end up with more blocks than necessary, then I've got a head start for next year!

Happy Quilting!

Friday, January 14, 2022

Yardage In/Out 2021

Do you keep track of how much yardage you purchase and use for the year? 

Seems I always ran into a quilt blogger or two who did keep track, and think keeping a list is a great way to see just how much I purchase and use. Given that I'm prone to buying a lot of seasonal yardage, I'm hoping for at least a balance at the end of the year!

Of course my list is composed of approximates on the OUT side, usually in whole, half, or quarter amounts to make it easier. I'm certainly not going to measure every piece of fabric I put into a quilt! My purchases though, are usually made in even yardage amounts or sometimes half yards, though there's the odd number because I'll take the end of bolt. Remember, this is not exact science here - I'm just wanting a rough idea.

So how did I do for 2021? Well, there's two ways of looking at my list.

My yardage OUT was approximately 73 yards, from a mix of runners, wall hangings, and some larger quilts. The year before was 88 yards, as both years were extremely productive. Seems I'm pretty consistent.

Now my yardage IN. On the whole, I took in a whopping 202 yards - YIKES! That is certainly not good, and I wonder where it all disappeared to in my stash. With that kind of number, I should be exercising better control right?

But if I look at what I purchased, it turns out 122 yards were purchased for kits, the ever popular Fireworks and Winter Feed. Deducting 122 from 202 leaves just 80 yards purchased for stash building, a much more tolerable number.

With 73 yards out and 80 yards in, I'm actually in pretty good shape! Unfortunately, I can't compare it to the 2020 numbers, as I'm sure I bought kit yardage but did not designate it as such. Certainly learned my lesson to mark kit  yardage for the years to come, so that doesn't count against my efforts!

Since jumping on the yardage in/out bandwagon two years ago, I've learned a lot about stash management. Keeping the yardage IN side was helped this year due to working on the relative's house - I had very little time to shop and purchased nothing since the end of September. Hmm, wonder how long I can keep that streak going???

With that in mind, I plan on keeping the list again this year, though mine is off to a meager start. How about you? Ready to keep track? There's still time to start your yardage in/yardage out list!

Happy Quilting

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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Midweek Makers 314

Welcome to Midweek Makers! Who has some sharing?


It's January, which means a new color for RSC2022- this month it's red!

I've done a bit of stitching, making blocks in my scrap style by making rectangles out of triangles. With a bit more time, and a few more scraps, these will be turned into blocks.

A couple other quilters also got into the red groove, to participate in RSC2022. From Karen's Quilting, two pretty red Arkansas Traveler blocks using an Accuquilt die to easily cut the shapes.

Bell Creek Quilts also did a dive into her red scraps to make a few blocks for RSC2022,

as did Canadian Needle Nana. She's got tons of red items to show on her post, including some gorgeous cardinals visiting her yard.

Now it's your turn - what is your share this week?
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Have fun!

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Sunday, January 9, 2022

Pins for the Sew Much Fun Block Tour

The day has arrived - I'm sharing the block I designed for the Sew Much Fun Block Tour! 

And what is an absolute necessity when sewing or quilting? Pins!

Finishing at 6" x 6", this pin block is easy to applique, using fat quarters or scraps, though the colors can be changed to whatever you want - how easy is that?

To download your FREE pins quilt block, just click on the following link:

                    Pins by QuiltFabrication

If you're just joining in on the Sew Much Fun Block Tour, here's a couple links to previous FREE blocks:

And in a few weeks, I'll have another post with a new batch of blocks. Until then, enjoy collecting those sewing themed blocks and,
Happy Quilting!

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Friday, January 7, 2022

Sizzle Quilt - Giveaway

Another book to giveaway, to start off the New Year. This time it's Sizzle Quilt by Becky Goldsmith (affiliate link).

This book includes all the detailed instructions, paper piecing patterns, and applique templates needed for 9 different blocks which make up the Sizzle Quilt.

The Sizzle Quilt is shown in two colorways in the book. One is full of warmth, with beautiful reds, yellows, and oranges as seen on the cover above, and the other is the cool tones of green, blue, and gray, shown below. Aren't those blocks gorgeous? Such perfection, all achieved with foundation piecing.

Designed by Becky Goldsmith, the Sizzle Quilt was originally a 2019 Block of the Month project for The Quilt Show. It was available to members during that year, and has now been turned into this wonderful book, full of tips, tricks and fantastic construction photos to easily paper piece these gorgeous blocks. 

Even if you don't have time to make the quilt (like me!), Sizzle Quilt is still worth reading for the foundation piecing techniques she uses. I'm super impressed with her up-close, detailed photos of the process.

Interested in making the Sizzle Quilt, and learning a few foundation piecing tips and tricks? Then enter to win a copy of Sizzle Quilt via the Rafflecopter form below. Giveaway is open to continental US residents only (no Alaska, Hawaii or International entries) now through midnight Monday, January 10. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck and Happy Quilting!

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Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Midweek Makers 313

Welcome to Midweek Makers for another year of sharing!

My share this week, though indirectly quilt related, is a happy one - our state got hammered with rain and snow last week to start off the wet season on the plus side and hopefully put an end to the current drought. Of course, it might be wishful thinking, but keep the storms coming!

So, how is this related to quilting? I want to celebrate snow with one of my favorites, the Snowflake table runner, and have you join in too! From now until January 11, use coupon code SNOWFLAKE20 for 20 percent off the Snowflake runner.

white snowflakes on a blue background

There are the seven snowflakes seen above, plus a bonus 8th snowflake which I chose not to use on the runner. It would make for great matching placemats, and encourage more snow!

I'm sure that JBiggs Scrap Pieces will help out in wishing for more snow - did you see her Jellyroll Snowflake?

And now it's your turn - what's your share this week?

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  • visit with the others and leave some quilt love
Have fun!

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Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Dog Bone for Quilt Block Mania

Who's got a dog? Then give that dog a bone!

Yup - the Dog Bone another free block for Quilt Block Mania! This month's theme is Pets, from dogs to cats to fish and turtles. Two of us decided to make pet accessories - me with the bone, and Kate Collins of with a dog house. 

Chicken Quilt Block by Carolina Moore
First Snow by Inquiring Quilter
Clown Fish by Powered By Quilting
Bunny Buddies at Patti's Patchwork
Cute Turtle by Appliques Quilts and More
Doghouse Quilt Block by Kaye Collins
Scottie Dog
Dog Bone by QuiltFabrication
Bird Feeder by Duck Creek Mountain Quilting
Birdie Block by Blue Bear Quilts
Fishies at Perkins Dry Goods
Parlor Panther Queen at Orange Blossom Quilt Design Studio
Perky Pig by Masterpiece Quilting

It could be that we were inspired by the dog pic that the color scheme was pulled from - who could resist that cutie???

For my Dog Bone block, I chose to use only two colors to keep it simple. But you can choose any two colors you like for this block. Given the super easy piecing, your furry friend will have a bone in no time!

The Dog Bone block finishes 12" x 12", using fat quarters for one block plus the stitch-n-flip method for quick assembly. The Dog Bone block pattern is free to download until January 31.

There are two ways to access the download link via my newsletter:

For those already subscribed - The free Dog Bone block pattern link will be included in the January 18 QFab Monthly newsletter. There is no need to sign up again - just open and view the newsletter for the download link. 

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For new subscribers - sign up to receive your free Dog Bone block pattern link in a welcome email then enjoy monthly quilt inspiration and other bonuses.

Once you submit your email address, look for a welcome email from me, QuiltFabrication, containing the link to download the 'Dog Bone' block pattern. Then check your inbox toward the middle of each month for the QFab monthly, full of highlights, quilting tips, links to free patterns, and other quilty goodness.

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Happy Quilting!

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