Saturday, April 28, 2018

The Stockade Quilts

The big day has arrived - time to reveal the three Stockade quilts made for the 30 Blocks in 30 Days Blog Hop!

Stockade triplets

Yes, I'm a bit of an over-achiever, but after I made the first one, I wanted to make a couple more to try different color layouts.

Introducing Stockade 1.

Stockade 1

Made with just two fabrics, blue and white, it's perfect for a baby boy. Of course, all three quilts are perfect for boys - I need to build up the stash.

The quilting uses ruler work, with angled lines in the blue print, and horizontal lines in the background,

Stockade 1 quilting closeup

giving it a neat woven effect.

Stockade 1 quilting

And the backing is a nice soft flannel, with machine stitched binding.

Stockade 1 quilting and backing

Stockade 2 came to be because I wanted to alternate two different colored blocks, using the same background. But unfortunately, I ran out of blue fabric for that idea. No worries - just invent a different layout!

Stockade 2

Four blue blocks move on a diagonal through the middle, then two diagonal lines of green on either side, and a blue block in the corners. Those diagonal lines of color would continue if this were a bigger quilt. 

The quilting uses both freehand and ruler work,

Stockade 2 quilting

with lines in the blue print going perpendicular to that in the green. The background is kept simple, making this quilt nice and soft, especially with flannel on the back.

Stockade 2 quilting and backing

Stockade 3 is finally the checkerboard idea that Stockade 2 was supposed to be. 

Stockade 3

This quilt is soft and gentle with the pale green and yellow, and quilted with a ruler.

Stockade 3 seed quilting

To make it easier to quilt, the quilt was rotated on the frame  so that the seed quilting was quilted in rows, one side to another. A very efficient way to quilt a quilt!

Stockade 3 horizontal seed quilting

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Hope you've enjoyed my Stockade quilts, and the hop - I know I did!

Happy Quilting!

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My Favorite Patterns

Friday, April 27, 2018

Starting a Hunter's Star Quilt

Since my quilts for the two upcoming blog hops are done, and I can't show more until my day of the hops, there's nothing left for me to do but start a new project! 

This time, I'm choosing to play with the Studio 180 Design's Rapid Fire Hunter's Star ruler,

Studio 180 Design Rapid Fire Hunter's Star ruler

which I had won during a previous blog hop. I've always been curious about this ruler, and happy to have in my ruler arsenal. And I'm going to use it!

I've read through the ruler's instructions, which always a good thing to do before starting any project, whether it's for a ruler or a pattern. It's just a good idea to get an idea of how things are put together. And the instructions for the ruler and the quilt seem easy enough. 

For my first attempt at a Hunter's Star, I'm going to stick to the traditional two color version. No need to get fancy just yet!

traditional Hunter's Star quilt layout

I'm seeing this in a pretty blue, and have pulled out this bit of yardage from the stash, pairing it with white.

blue and white for a Hunter's Star quilt

Oh! And I just noticed that the blue has a white star print in it - even better! Catch you later - I'm off to go play!

Happy Quilting!

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Monday, April 16, 2018

Stash Statement Book Release

I'm working on scrap blocks for a new scrap project.

scrap blocks

This is a stack of 30, with at least 42 more to go. It might take more, as I'm thinking queen size. Lord knows I won't run out of fabric!

scrap pile

So these fun blocks are for a quilt in Kelly Young's new book, Stash Statement (affiliate link) and today marks the kick off of the book's release!

Stash Statement by Kelly Young

You may know Kelly from My Quilt Infatuation, and she's definitely a queen of creating scrap quilts! This book has wonderful patterns for beautiful quilts - an absolute bonanza of scrap quilts!

So, over the next couple months, there will be a blog tour of all of Kelly's quilts made by different bloggers. Though I can't reveal mine until mid-June, there will be lots to see until then from the bloggers below:

4/16- Grand Bazaar    Shelley @ Cora's Quilts

                                    Connie @ Freemotion by the River

4/23- Louvered  Lindsey @ Primrose Cottage Quilts 
                           Diann @ Little Penguin Quilts

4/30- Precarious  Jess @ Quilty Habit                       
                             Myra @ Busy Hands Quilts
5/7- Beach Retreat  Sarah @ Sarah Goer Quilts                               
                                 Liz @ Savor Every Stitch 
5/14- Fire Pit   Alison @ Little Bunny Quilts                                          
                         Preeti @ Sew Preeti Quilts
5/21- Detour    Laura @ Slice of Pi Quilts                         
                         Shelley @ The Carpenter's Daughter Who Quilts
5/28- Murrina    Yvonne @ Quilting Jetgirl             
                            Leanne @ Devoted Quilter
6/4- Scattered    Jayne @ Twiggy and Opal                      
                           Christine @ Triangles and Squares 
6/11- Bloom Chicka Boom   Chris @ made by ChrissieD            
                                               Michelle @ From Bolt to Beauty
6/18- Regatta   Susan @ Quilt Fabrication                             
                          Debbie @ A Quilter's Table    
                          Christa @ Christa Quilts
6/25- Catch a Falling Star  Cynthia @ Quilting is More Fun Than Housework        
                                              Anja @ Anja Quilts
7/2- College Prep   Hilary @ by Hilary Jordan                 
                                Lori @ Crossquilt
7/9- Take Flight (bonus digital pattern)  Kelli @ Seriously, I Think It Needs Stitches 
                                                                 Paula @ The Sassy Quilter

Enjoy the hop and seeing all of the fabulous quilts!

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Friday, April 13, 2018

An X-Block Project

I am infected with spring fever! Yep - I've got it bad!

spring fever

With the last two Midweek Makers geared towards spring colors, the yard spruced up with new plants and black bark,

front yard spruce up

and seeing the bees enjoy all the blossoms - I'm definitely infected! 

And I totally relate to the bees - flitting around, unable to settle on just one blossom or plant, wanting to taste everything. The same goes for my quilting projects. There's the Stockade quilts I've teased you with; scrap blocks for a quilt in an upcoming book hop; the desire to play with the Rapid Fire Hunter's Star ruler; and quilts to make for a couple blog hops.

It's quite unusual for me to jump from project to project, as I usually finish one before taking on the next. So, with all the Stockade quilts finished, the background scrap blocks done, the Hunter's Star ruler set aside, I've now jumped to an X-block quilt for a May hop. Want to see what's up with that one?

Here's the fabric pull:

X-block fabric pull

the strip sets, plus how the blocks are cut using the ruler:

X-block fabric strips plus ruler

and the two layouts I'm considering:

Option 1

X-block layout option 1

Option 2

X-block layout option 2

I'm leaning toward Option 2, as it's a bit more interesting: what do you think? Leave me a comment with your vote - and we'll see which one wins!

While all the voting is going on, I'll put this one on hold and spring into another project - more to come!

Have a great weekend quilting!

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