Friday, June 23, 2017

A Smaller Big Spin

Got one done, despite the heat! Here's a smaller version of The Big Spin,

A Smaller Big Spin

 based on the pattern from the book Stash Lab.

Stash Lab book

The finished size for my small version is 36" x 36", and was possibly going to be given as a baby quilt. But hubby has an blank orange wall behind him at work, and wants to hang it there. Guess he can't resist that big pinwheel either - it's my favorite part!

How about some closeups? The quilting follows that of the pattern, a big spiral, though I put little spirals over the smaller pinwheels.

A Smaller Big Spin quilting

I'm not that fond of those little ones, and in retrospect, probably should have just continued with the big one. But it's okay, they add some interest.

scrap fabric pinwheels from 'making fabric'

Take a close look at the pinwheels they spin over. Those, plus some of the pinwheels that make up the big one, are made from the 'making fabric' scrap project.

making fabric from scraps

There's the light ones seen above, and the dark ones in the picture below.

scrap fabric pinwheel

It's amazing how those scrap fabric pieces take on the identity of a printed fabric, a very useful illusion for scraps to make.

dark scrap fabric pinwheels

Being that this quilt is a small version, I couldn't exactly follow the layout in the pattern. That meant some designing on my part. Here's a look at three different settings before the final version.

three versions of pinwheel settings

For fun, can you guess how many pinwheels are in this quilt? And how many HST's? Leave separate guesses for each in the comments below. The person who is close without going over for each guesstimate will win a little prize! Please, one guess per question per person. Guessing game will finish next Wednesday night, June 28, 2017. Good luck!

So there you have it, a fun quilt that met lots of goals! Used 'made up fabric' in the pinwheels; marks another finish for aqua for RSC17; and another quilt from Stash Lab (affiliate link). Hip hip hooray!


  1. Love it and not surprised your husband has claimed it. 52 is my guess.

  2. It is a fantastic finish! I can see why your husband would want it. --Andrea

  3. I see at least 28 pinwheels - 112 HSTs. There might be more but that's a LOT! Beautiful quilt. Quilted on your longarm or sitdown with a walking foot?

  4. Hi Susan,
    I certainly can understand why your husband would want this beautiful quilt. It would look stunning on an orange wall - the teals would really pop. I think I see 51 pinwheels, and 232 HSTs. I'm sure those are lowball guesses - may I add WOWEE. ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. I like your quilt and the quilting. Good job.

  6. loving those pin wheels made from all the scraps and the circular quilting works beautifully on this quilt. I would want the quilt hanging on the wall facing me if I was your hubby I would be turning the desk round to face it!

  7. Holy Moly that a lot of seams. My final answers is 32 pinwheels!

  8. And as for the HST, my GUESS is 256! This quilt is amazing!

  9. Such a pretty quilt with all those lovely blues! And those quilting lines are sweet.

  10. Thanks for the contest, it was fun reading everyone's answers. I think I'll go with 40 pinwheels and 288 HSTs. Regardless, it's a lot of both and together they are fantastic. Beautiful quilt!

  11. Lovely finish Susan! Great idea using those tiny scraps to make fabric. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!


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