Friday, June 2, 2017

The Dependable D9P

Ever happily cruise down the highway when someone yells 'pullover!', totally throwing a wrench in your life? That's what happened to my quilting schedule, once hubby announced he needed two boy quilts. Though I have multiple projects going right now, I really had to carve out some time to get them done. So here's the yesterday's project, Rocket Ship.

Rocket Ship disappearing 9 patch quilt

Named for the rocket ship focus fabric,

Rocket Ship closeup 2

it's combined with other fabrics that have stars. And what's more fitting than a star panto in royal Glide thread for the quilting?

Rocket Ship closeup 1

What started out as 5" squares for these 9-patch blocks,

rocket ship 9 patch block

turned into these 13 1/4" disappearing 9-Patch blocks.

disappearing 9 patch block

Final quilt size is 38 1/2" square - a great baby quilt size! It's a wonderful, dependable quilt pattern, especially for a quick quilt. Check out the Disappearing 9-patch tutorial, or the Double Disappearing 9-patch tutorial for instructions on making one.

As for the back of this quilt, it's a multi-colored polka dot print, 

Rocket Ship back

with the added interest of two red corners on the binding.

red corner binding

That's what's called a 'creative solution' when there's not enough fabric to bind the whole quilt!

As for the second quilt, it's going to be from these scraps that were with the small amount of that cute duck fabric,

aqua duck fabric scraps

found in a separate bag with the aqua scraps. Only have the aqua pinwheels for the Stash Lab project left to go, then I'll declare aqua a finish. Phew!

Have a wonderful weekend quilting!


  1. It's those creative solutions that sometimes bring about the best surprise results :) I hope hubby gives you a big hug because you really came through with this quilt. Absolutely prefect for a lucky little boy.

  2. You can't go wrong with the D9P, it looks great in any fabric, and nothing wrong with a quick quilt pattern!

  3. What a fun, bright, happy quilt! I like the way it turned out!

  4. But then, don't you get great joy when they come asking for your talents..nice quilts. You always do great work.

  5. You are on a roll! Love the quilting. What type of batting did you use? Thanks.

  6. What a great solution. You have got one lucky husband to whip these quilts up. I love the quilting you chose to go with the rocket ship quilt. --Andrea

  7. You do a great job when monkey wrenches are thrown your way.

  8. lovely baby quilt, disappearing nine patch is one of my favourite blocks have also tried the double and triple one


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