Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Patriotic Distraction

Fourth of July is coming up, and I'm in the mood for red, white, and blue! I've got my Patriotic Wave runner out,

Patriotic Wave table runner

and my Spangled Stars quilt.

And now I want a wall hanging! So, spent yesterday cutting up paper for patterns before actually cutting into fabric. Here's a sneak peek of how far I've gotten into the project,

which is looking good so far!

Well, I knew this would happen - the duck pinwheel quilt has taken a back seat, though it will get done soon as there is a recipient already for it. Just need to satisfy my patriotic craving first!

Happy Quilting!


  1. I love the start of your last picture! I look forward to seeing what happens next. Your other quilt pictures are wonderful! Hugs,

  2. Just beautiful. Glad I don't have to pick a favorite as I love them all.

  3. Love your patriotic wave runner. Perfect for the 4th.

  4. Absolutely love your Spangled Stars quilt! It really sparkles!

  5. Love your runner! I am looking forward to seeing your next patriotic creation!

  6. That is going to be a pretty wall hanging!
    Happy 4th of July!!!

  7. Hi Susan, those are lovely quilts. Can't wait to see the finish on this one!

  8. Don't you love the freshness of the RW&B together? Yours are all so pretty and I am looking forward to seeing the finish on the new one.

  9. Love the Star Spangled Stars quilt!!!! So striking!


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