Saturday, July 4, 2015

Spangled Stars

Happy Fourth of July! Today is my parade of red, white, and blue!

In the front of the parade is Spangled Stars, 

 a patriotic version from my Spangled Stars QAL. Previously, I had shown it's alternate colorway version, Lily Pond.

Sorry if I gush, but aren't they both beautiful???

Of course, Spangled Stars deserves it's a bit more showing off, so here are more detail pictures.

The straight line and seed quilting was done with rulers.

The stars and swirls were quilted freehand after marking the star design with a washout pen. I transferred the design using tulle.

And the back is a pretty cream and blue plaid, that happened to be 10" short! A little addition of red adds a fun spark though!

For the binding, I didn't want cream, red, or blue. But I had this great print

(from 199_ - the last digit was cut off!) that had all the right colors in it, and works fabulously!

Now for the rest of the parade!

My Patriotic Wave Table Runner ,

and matching placemats.

That's it for my parade! Have a safe and happy fourth!

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  1. Great quilts. Thanks for the tutorial on using Tulle to transfer a quilting design. I'll be off to my local fabric discount shop tomorrow to get some.

  2. Those are all beautiful. I especially like Lily Pond.

  3. Wonderful quilt projects!!! Perfect binding and quilting. What kind of washable marking pen did you use? I'm skeptical of pens really washing out. How well did yours wash out?

    1. Thank you! I use any blue washable marker. What works for me is to mark right before quilting, then spritz with water immediately after quilting. There were a few faint lines left on this quilt, particularly on one fabric. But after washing with Synthropol and color catchers, they're gone.

    2. Synthropol is a cleaning agent used in the fabric dyeing process. Not only does it prepare PFD fabric for accepting dye, it's used after dyeing to suspend the dye particles for washing away. It is also used for washing a quilt if the fabric has not been prewashed and could possibly bleed. In my quilts case, the red could have bled into the cream, but by using Synthropol and color catchers as extra insurance, the quilt came out fine.
      Synthropol can be found through Dharma Trading Company.

  4. I love the way alternate fabrics can make a pattern look brand new! Love both colorways.

  5. Really like the Spangled Stars in the RWB scheme and all the great quilting done it. Love the binding print you used -- makes it look like a scrappy binding w/o all the extra piecing work!

  6. Happy 4th! What great projects to celebrate the day!

  7. Susan...what a perfect post to link under our stars theme this week!! LOVE IT!! And the quilting comlimented the quilt perfectly!! A happy 4th was had at your house for sure!


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