Monday, October 23, 2017

Lickety-Split One

Last week, I showed you Lickety-Split Two, and today it's about her twin sister, Lickety-Split One.

Lickety-Split One quilt

This one is just as pretty, with the same floral prints as Lickety-Split Two but with deep red charms from yardage instead of cream.

Lickety-Split One closeup

Notice that this one doesn't have any sashing. I was really loving the overall deep red theme going, and didn't feel that sashing was necessary.

Lickety-Split One closeup 2

But just like her sister, she has a border that's 3 1/4" wide, matching the squares in the blocks.

Lickety-Split One border

Overall, she measures 38" x 38", a bit smaller than Lickety-Split Two.

No issues here with a large enough backing fabric - it's all one piece.

Lickety-Split One quilt back

Doesn't that quilting just look lovely?? That's another favorite pantograph, Bluster, with Glide Purple Rose thread too.

Lickety-Split One closeup 3

So, let's see the sisters side by side.

Lickety-Split One
Lickety-Split One

Lickety-Split Two
Lickety-Split Two

I'd say these two are fraternal twins, wouldn't you? Turned out to be a pretty good experiment, splitting the floral charms and combining one with cream and one with deep red. Love seeing the effect of different values, making for two similar but different quilts.

And that wraps up the Lickety-Split quilts from the Charm School book (affiliate link). Not sure what I'll work on next - I'll let you know Wednesday.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Quilting!

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  1. They are both lovely, however I think I like 2 better. The neutrals let the other charm fabric shine through.

  2. Same design, different looks, and they both look great! In fact I don't know which I like better. Love the quilting showing so nicely on that red back!

  3. What a perfect quilt for fall! All those yummy red apple colors!

  4. Thanks for the lesson in color value! Anything with red in it is a winner in my book. These twins look wonderful. You sure do finish a lot of things. My goodness! How many hours a week do you get to spend sewing?

  5. Love both of them! I'm still looking at the pictures in the book and you have made 3 of them already!

  6. Hi Susan, those are great quilts - and what a difference the values make. Very cool!

    1. Definitely fun playing with different values, and even sashing. LS One seems to wiggle when looking from a distance.


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