Friday, October 20, 2017

Lickety-Split Two

The quilting is done, binding is on, and now to show
Lickety-Split Two.

Lickety-Split Two quilt

Remember this pretty assortment of charm squares?

charm squares

Half of them went into the above quilt, and the other half into another. I decided to divide the floral charms, and use half with the cream charms on the right, and the other half with the dark red yardage on the bottom. 

The result is two similar, yet different quilts - figured it might be more fun that way! The other quilt I'll show next week, but for now, it's all about Lickety-Split Two.

Measuring in at 42" x 42", she kinda follows the Lickety-Split pattern in the Charm School book (affiliate link).

Lickety-Split pattern from Charm School book

Sure, she has the disappearing 4-patch blocks (which, by the way, I wasn't too fond of making with 5" squares). She also has sashing, though it's not the same width or with the setting squares that the pattern has. 

Instead, I opted to make the sashing the same width as the center block parts, which is 1 1/2". Personally, I think the smaller width just works better for the smaller quilt.

Lickety-Split Two closeup

Notice that I also used the backside of the cream charm squares again, just like in Sea Glass. Another brilliant move!

Oh! And look - I put a border on! A lot of my quilts don't have borders (don't ask me why), and it does add a nice touch here. 

Lickety-Split Two border

It's width also matches the squares in the block, at 3 1/4". 

With all of that in mind, here's your quilt design tip for the day: 
Use the elements of repetition and uniformity. 
By repeating or using multipliers of block units, a quilt will have a cohesive feel and not be a jumbled mess. This little nugget has helped me countless times in quilt design!

So let's move on to the quilting:

I could have done some semi-custom work, with different fills in the blocks, sashing, and border. But after assembling the blocks, I have to admit, I was kinda done.

Easy Peasy to the rescue!! 

Lickety-Split Two with Easy Peasy pantograph

One of my all-time favorite pantographs, this little quilt looks great, especially in Glide's Purple Rose thread.

Easy Peasy pantograph in Glide Purple Rose thread

And let's not forget the back! Since I needed a bit more backing fabric, I used the remaining floral charm squares in the back, where they look just as pretty as the front!

backside of Lickety-Split Two quilt

Overall, an adorable quilt!

Thanks for visiting today, and come back next week to see Lickety-Split One.

Happy Quilting!

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  1. I love that it is sashed, creating a new look on the D4P. Nothing wrong with all over quilting design for this one.

  2. Beautiful colors and placement of them. I agree 100% on the smaller sashing and the repetition and uniformity of a quilt. Scrappy is nice sometimes, but to me many times overdone. Enjoy your posts!

  3. That's a charming quilt. Love the back as much as the front!

  4. Congrats! on your newly completed quilt.

  5. I like your "adjustments". Thanks for the tips too! I have a couple of charm packs that I have been hoarding. I may look into this pattern.


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