Monday, July 2, 2018

Echoed Triangle Quilt Fill

Did everyone see the new pretty echoed triangle fill around the stars of the Salute runner?

Echoed Triangle Fill by QuiltFabrication

Isn't that gorgeous? Though this was quilted using a longarm machine, it can easily be stitched on a domestic machine.

There's two tricks to make this fill successful.

  • Only echo the triangle once.
  • Vary the direction of each triangle, not only in it's angle, but the rotation within the triangle. 

Let's look at the following drawings, which start with an open triangle that's echoed once.

first echoed triangle in the fill

Then a new triangle shoots off at a different angle, and a different rotation.

second echoed triangle with a different rotation direction

Here's the important part: to get where you want to go with this design, remember that the side the triangle starts on is the side the echo will end on.

where triangles stop and start in relation to rotation

If I had drawn that second triangle in reverse rotation, I would have ended up near the 'S' of start.

Then more triangles are added and echoed.

more echoed triangles

Sometimes, there may be areas that are a bit too thick. 

thick area to be filled

Just try to fill it in as best as possible.

large area filled

When the design fills the area, it will be hard to notice those funny spots. This one has another, but it's not glaringly obvious.

larger echoed triangle fill

Here's a video to see the design being stitched. It may be a bit hard to see because of the blue thread on a blue background, but now that you've seen it drawn, you should be able to follow along. And be sure to watch to the end, as I traced over the design so you can really see it.


I also suggest that before you sit down to stitch this fill that you practice drawing it on paper or a whiteboard first. Of course, practice before stitching any fill is highly recommended - it helps to set muscle memory, and trains your brain to stitch the design. And if you remember the tricks of the echoed triangle fill, it will turn out fabulous!

Enjoy your day quilting!

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  1. I agree that those small tricky areas seem so overwhelming when you are in the moment and quilting but after a quilt is finished I have a hard time going back and finding them again. Great tutorial!

    1. Oh so true! And I think most quilters get to hung up on trying to make it perfect. Those weird areas will happen, and hopefully, I've given everyone a way to deal with it.
      Have a great week!

  2. Thanks for providing this quilting design. I’ll be filing it away for future use.

  3. This is great Susan. I'm always looking for ideas for fills. Thanks for drawing it out :)

  4. Pretty Pretty and great stitches! Machine applique is pretty also!


Thank you so much for just made my day!