Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Book of the Month

It's time to start the January Book of the Month, where I try to learn a technique or make a quilt from one of the numerous books off my shelf. This month I've chosen 'Piecing: Expanding the Basics' a book by my idol, Ruth B. McDowell. She explains the numerous techniques that are used in her prize winning quilts, and I am choosing to focus on a wedge structure block. This picture of a morning glory, which I took in Rhodes, Greece, is my inspiration. 

I don't wish to replicate the photo, instead I'm focusing on a wedge structure flower.  

Working in EQ7, I drew the flower and the leaves in pentagons.  Unfortunately, I didn't like any of the patterns when they were placed side by side.  So I'm going with a change in size and overlapping the blocks for a more pleasing arrangement.  It's probably going to be more difficult to sew, but I'll figure it out!

And here are some fabric choices:

 I'll post more once the blocks are started.  Feel free to follow along!



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