Friday, February 28, 2014

Random Acts of Blue

Random Acts of Blue is now complete!
And it turned out gorgeous!  Oops, guess I'm keeping this one too!

The making of this quilt top was totally random, just so I could use up strip pieces.  It was a huge exercise of free form piecing.  What can I say, I do love a challenge!

Thank goodness the quilting wasn't as demanding as the piecing!  Before I started any dense quilting, all the blocks were SID around the outside.
Then a pebble and S curve fill was quilted in all the white background.
I really wanted to practice motifs from Judi Madsen's book, Quilting Wide Open Spaces, (affiliate link) but just couldn't put butterflies on a quilt intended for a baby boy!  Not until I got done quilting that I decided to keep it.  Guess I could have done butterflies after all!

For each block center, I use a different design based on a seed motif.  Here are some that I came up with, to guide me when quilting.  Not all of them got used.
And finally, to finish off the blocks, double outlines around the pieced edges gave them some stitching but not so much that they got lost. 
Here are the rest of the blocks
If you look closely at these pictures, you'll notice the binding is not white all around. 
Instead, it changes, depending on if there is a block at the edge.  To see how I did this, check out my next post Pieced Binding and a Different Corner.  Enjoy!

Happy Quilting!


  1. looks great. That a LOT of pebbles!! Bet that took a long time!

  2. Awesome job!! Love the way you broke up the pebbles with the S curve and your designs for the inside of the blocks - what fun!! I can see why you are keeping this one :)

  3. Amazing! I'd keep that one too if I were you. The pebbles are wonderful. I keep trying them with the swirls and mine don't look nearly as good as yours. And tips or tricks? Love all the different patterns in the blocks.

  4. Fabulous! Love what you did with the scraps.

  5. Love the quilting, you have inspired me to try this, gotta go make a quilt.

  6. Dropped by from Blogger's Quilt Festival - gorgeous blues and I love all that white negative space :D


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