Tuesday, May 6, 2014

May Book of the Month

I've spent the last few days cleaning out the sewing room in anticipation of my new machine.  And yesterday was consumed in clearing the bookcase, that incredibly stuffed bookcase.  I would have taken a 'before' picture, but I only had an 18" space to access it, so a picture was impossible, not to mention just to look for a book in it!

But now, after pruning it a bit, is has moved to a corner of the living room.  It's out of the way, but more easily accessible, and has a bit of room (somewhere!).
I don't think my husband even noticed it's new home!  And I'm happy I was able to move a dozen books out of the closet, opening up some space there.  Yeah!  But what's scary is that it really doesn't look much different from before.  Oh well.

Anyway, the great part of going through the books was looking at them for Book of the Month potential.  Now, all of them have that, but some more than others.  I pulled out 5 possibles, then narrowed it to two.  After purusing them last night, I've chosen a little pamphlet, Learn to be a Wacky-Pinwheel Quilting Wizard by Linda Causee (affiliate link).
And it can be found on Amazon for under $4!  Click on the picture or the bold title if you want to make one along with me.

For this style of quilting, one thing she stresses is the pattern repeat.  Looking through my stash, I came across this happy, adorable chicken fabric!
It has a really large repeat, has a fairly good print, and lots of color.  And I've got a lot of it!  But before I start cutting,  I've got a bit more cleaning to do, plus finishing up my jacket (almost done!), and lunch with a friend.

Have a great day and hope it includes quilting!

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  1. That looks to be rather accurate cutting.....perhaps not up my alley. I look forward to seeing how those chickens turn out.


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