Friday, August 7, 2015

T-shirt Quilts Galore!

The five T-shirt quilts are done and delivered!

Commissioned by a close friend of mine whose husband passed away six years ago, these quilts are made from all of the t-shirts he collected from swimming events. 

With t-shirt blocks of varying sizes, I was able to let the creativity flow and design five quilts that are similar, yet different. All quilts are approximately 52" x 80", a perfect lap size. 

The following pictures are of each quilt, plus the backside. The backs are different blue fabrics, with the black stripe representing the stripe on the bottom of a pool, and the blue and yellow are lane lines used at UCSD, where he used to practice. Just continuing his swimming theme!

Quilt 1

Quilt 2

Quilt 3

Quilt 4

 Quilt 5

Quilting is a freehand water design, with Glide silver thread on top and bottom.

If you're interested in making a t-shirt quilt, see my post Making a T-shirt Quilt to get you started. For more inspiration, check out the book T-shirt Quilts Made Easy(affiliate link)

I do hope his family smiles each time they look at these quilts, remembering a wonderful man who loved to swim.
Rest in peace, Ben.

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  1. I think memory quilts are such lovely gifts to the family to remember their loved one. You have done a wonderful job of these. I have made a couple of tee shirts quilts over the years, and although sad, they bring comfort to the family members.


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