Saturday, September 5, 2015

September 2015 Book of the Month

Though a couple days late, I haven't forgotten about the September Book of the Month. This month, I'm featuring Patchwork City (affiliate link) by Elizabeth Hartman.

I've actually been working on the blocks since January, quilting along with two friends who are participating in the Block of the Month project sponsored by Intrepid Thread. And of course, with my propensity to be different, I didn't sign up to receive a monthly 'chosen for me' pack of fabric, nor am I making the blocks with modern prints, nor am I making them to size. Oh, no, not me!

I have to be different. As a fellow quilter says, there always has to be one that does it their way! That's me, in case you haven't noticed how I've altered some existing patterns.

So, I decided to use a print for the background, specifically this one I've had in my stash.

Plenty of color to work with there! 

Ah, but notice the scale. Rather tiny. Well, I guess that would call for smaller blocks. It just so happens that the patterns for the square blocks in the book have small diagrams, which are perfect to use as patterns for little blocks. We're talking under 4 inches square to be exact. Think Dear Jane!

To top it off, I decided to use solids with one print in all blocks, plus a small bit of chartreuse in each block. As I've gone along, I've broken these two themes a couple times, but overall, I don't think it will matter. 

Is that different enough??? Over the next couple weeks, I'll post the blocks in pairs for each month they were made. At this point, I've only got eight more to make, so this 'little' project is well on it's way. It's my 'Patchwork Suburb'!

Happy Quilting!

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