Friday, February 26, 2016


Quilt #1 for the #purplesewingproject is done!

Named Roundabout, this one used up the majority of my purple nickels (5" squares), which I'm pretty happy about. Yet it still didn't make a dent in that box!

Working with a split-complementary scheme of red-violet, yellow, and green. Ultimately, there were equal numbers of blocks with each fabric group, arranged from lightest to darkest, starting in the upper left corner. In the picture above, that corner is in the lower left. In the picture below, it's on the top toward the right.

Here's another view from that light corner.

where you can see the different yellows and greens.

And a closeup, showing the quilting with a light lilac Glide thread with the Easy Peasy pantograph.

By the way, I had this quilt laid out on the living room floor, covered with a sheet, before I went to QuiltCon. My three rascally kitties thought that sheet was an excellent sliding surface. When I removed the sheet, this is what I found:

Eesh! Darn kitties! Well, at least they had fun!

Ultimately, this quilt will be donated to my guild's Community Quilts for one of the organizations we support. So now to finish Quilt #2, which is the Pinless Pinwheels quilt started at Road2CA with Kimberly Einmo. And because of all the HST's generated by Roundabout,

I'm holding a Think Outside The Box HST Challenge, starting March 3, 2016. More info coming next week!

Hope you'll join me!


  1. I like your arrangement of colors. The quilt seems to have movement with the change of colors from one side to the other.

    1. Thanks Ann! It does flow purple light to dark from top left to bottom right, and green light to dark from top right to bottom left. A bit of a crisscross!

  2. Ooohh---the gradation from dark to light is so lovely! Great colors/fabric choices for a dynamic quilt!!

  3. That is fabulous. I love that purple/green combination.

  4. beautiful quilt, love your color scheme.

  5. That is a gorgeous quilt! I love the light to dark arrangement.

  6. I think it's gorgeous, the block shape looks very versatile and the colour ways look fabulous.

  7. Such a wide assortment of purples!! Great quilt.

  8. I have kitty "helpers" too... amazing we get anything done with them around...

  9. Those silly cats, always into something! Lovely quilt.

  10. Your Think Outside the Box HST Challenge sounds intriguing. Your quilt turned out very cohesive with your excellent application of color theory and transition of value. I can relate to your design floor fiasco. I have three critters of my own who would love nothing more than to rearrange my carefully placed blocks, except mine are children.


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