Friday, August 12, 2016

Licorice Medley

Woo-hoo! A finish! It's the baby size version of Licorice Medley

a pattern from the Book of the Month selection, Black & White, Bright & Bold by Kim Schaefer (affiliate link). 

And what a fast, easy block to put together, plus a great way to use up 2 1/2" squares.

For this quilt, I combined coveted Moda Grunge squares,

and black and whites from the stash,

for a beautiful, fun quilt!

Quilted with silver Glide thread, 

and one of my favorite pantos, Bluster,

the quilting is shown off beautifully on the orange flannel on back.

I love quilts that use a variety of fabrics in them! They just have so much more interest.

I'm glad I chose to continue this book for August, as I've got my eye on another pattern. Today, I'll start pulling fabrics. Hmm, don't know how far I will get given the weekend is devoted to repairing the gazebo. Just when I was having fun quilting, darn it!

Here's to a great weekend quilting for you!


  1. Love that punch of color those Moda Grunge squares give against the black and white prints. Congrats on a fun finish!

  2. Stunning! I love black and white quilts. I'll have to look for this book. Looks like it would be easy with not many seams to match.

  3. This has turned out beautifully. Love the panto you quilted and how lovely it looks on the back.

  4. Lovely finish! I agree that a combination of different fabrics really adds interest to a quilt. Thanks for sharing with TGIFF!

  5. Very pretty quilt. I love the bold colors.

  6. Black and white with a punch of colour, love it.

  7. I love a quilt that has Grunge fabric in it! It pops so beautifully against the black and white. Fantastic quilt!

  8. Susan, that's such a pretty way to use both your Grunge and your black and white prints. I've got both and may borrow your idea someday!! Whoop whoop!!

  9. What a beautiful finish! I love how the colors really pop against the black and the white, and the mix of prints and grunge fabric is just really great! Thanks for sharing!!

  10. Your quilt is fun! I can just picture my grandbabies enjoying the colorful blocks that really pop with the black and white fabrics! So fun and cheerful!

  11. Your quilt turned out awesome! I love the pops of color with the black, white and gray.

  12. Wow! That quilt is fabulous! And boy you must have been in deep stash because I recognize several of those black and whites from years ago! It is wonderful.


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