Friday, September 16, 2016

Jungle - #2 Shifting Shadows Quilt

The Shifting Shadows quilt saga continues with Jungle, quilt number 2.

Jungle a Shifting Shadows quilt

This quilt came about for two reasons: 1) I wanted to see what the pattern would look like with a border, and 2) I needed a boy quilt for the baby quilt stash, since the last three, Licorice Medley, Tile Works, and This and That had moved on to new homes.

Finding another focus fabric with a large print in the stash that would also be suitable for a boy (that's a lot of requirements!), I set to work making the shadow blocks.

Shadow Block

Ok, ready to quilt. Hmm, what to do for a backing? The print still had some yardage left. And some swiss cheese. Not as bad as what was left from Safari, though the pieces are saved for another idea. 

As with the back on Safari, not enough yardage. But I had shadow/background strip mistakes because someone got those two fabrics switched when cutting the initial strips. Oops! Really, they were just an opportunity in waiting - I meant to do that. Fortunately, when sewn together, they made a band to fit across the back. Backing fabric - check!

Jungle quilt back

On  to the quilting. For Safari, I used a panto which I didn't really like on this pattern. So on this quilt, it's a three fingered all-over stipple design, with outlining around the blocks, and more dense quilting in the shadow.

Shadow Block

The quilting in the shadow further pushes that dark fabric to the background, helping the focus fabric square pop. And there's outline stitching around the animals in the squares, because it's the most fitting for this fabric.

shadow block quilting

Such a fun quilt! Easy to put together and fast to quilt, I'll admit this quilt was done in a day, from cutting to binding. Part of the awesomeness of my sewing marathon! 

Inspired? Check out the quilt pattern at my Etsy store.

Happy Quilting!


  1. Very cute! The animal squares appear to be hovering over the blue (sky?) background.

  2. That turned out great and the oops cut worked out perfectly.

  3. A great use of fabric and your quilting is great! Thanks for linking up


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