Monday, March 18, 2013

Disappearing 9-Patch (D9P)

Continuing my 9-patch play this week on the disappearing 9-patch otherwise known as D9P.
Isn't it pretty?
Here are some closeups of the star panto using Glide thread, my favorite!

This quilt was really easy to put together--and the results are awesome!  And if you would like to try it, here's a little tutorial.

Make your 9-patch blocks, making the four corners different from the four edge centers either by changing the color or the value.  Make the center block totally different, again by color or value.  Each square in my block is cut at 3 1/2", giving me roughly a 9" block when completely done with the cutting.
 Cut the block in half directly down the center.

 Without moving the block, cut it in half again perpendicular to the first cut.
 There are now four pieces, all the same size.
Rotate the pieces so that two small squares are in the center and two matching squares are also.  By matching, I mean by the color, value or print that was used
Hope you give this a try!
Happy Quilting


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