Friday, October 28, 2016

Saw Tooth Flowers

Still having a blast with applique, this time with flowers!

Saw Tooth Flowers Quilt

Originally jewel shapes, leftover from Jeweled Flower Garden, they could have easily made flowers.

But no, I decided to cut the tips off, making hexagons, and adding yellow centers, just like the two almost complete flowers. As for the green for the leaves, too bright. Fortunately, stored with the flower pieces were triangles of another green for the leaves. Though I had plenty of those, I wanted to be different and went with one leaf, not two. Therefore, Saw Tooth Flowers.

Stitching these to interfacing for applique was easy, 

as  I left 1/4" open at seams between the petals (hexagons), where the leaf joins. Keeping the fabric out of the way, 

and clipping the interfacing,

made for nice inside points. The flower below just got fused, and the one to the left is still free.

I also got lucky that there were seven flowers, which made for a nice arrangement on the batik background.
The flowers are lined up in an orderly fashion, though I didn't get the measuring tape out for preciseness. Just eyeballed it.

Quilting is full of freehand leaves, in a medium green thread.

And the flowers all have purple veining and centers.

A fun, different project and so happy to use up flower parts and some yardage. As for the triangles I cut off the jewels - a project for next month!

Happy Quilting!

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