Friday, April 14, 2017

T - Shirts and Me

Everyone loves T - shirts, right? Soft and comfy, they can be plain or decorated. Being a cotton girl, I've got plenty of T - shirts in my drawer, with this one being my all time favorite:                

procatstination shirt

So true, right? Lots of people comment when I wear it! By the way, it's still available over at (no affiliation).

Why all this T - shirt talk?? Because there's more T - shirt quilts happening in the house! A good friend of mine commissioned me to make six quilts from her late husband's T - shirts, along with tool fabric that he talked her into buying at shop hops. Though I never met him, he must have been a sweet guy!

So I have been having a blast playing with really fun fabrics and creating special quilts for her, her daughters, and grandchildren. Two tops are done, measuring approximately 55" x 70".

granddaughter t shirt quilt

grandson t shirt quilt

A third one is almost finished, as it just needs sashing and borders. Some quilters don't want to deal with t -shirt quilts but I think they are a lot of fun - endless possibilities! And I've been so inspired by this project that I may finally make one for my hubby (and clear out my closet at the same time!!). I'll keep you posted with my progress.

Have a great weekend quilting!


  1. I've never tried a t-shirt quilt but have often admired them. It seems a great way to save memories!

  2. Looks like these quilts will help maintain some very light-hearted memories for the recipients with the Goofy and Donald T's!

  3. These are really turning out fun! What a super way to remember him. I've got three boxes full of Tshirts from the girls' high school times that I need to address at some point. :)

  4. I've only made one t shirt quilt. I made it before I realised the possibilities.

    I love how yours are turning out.


  5. What an amazing way to honor fun t-shirts designs and keep precious memories alive! Thanks for sharing!!

  6. Hi Susan, those are great tops. I discovered t-shirt quilts last summer. Except for the very tight deadline, I had a blast. As you said, so many possibilities. And it makes such a great souvenir.

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