Monday, July 31, 2017

Starting on the July Book of the Month

Well, it's better late than never! Yep, I'm finally getting a start on a July Book of the Month pattern, with this fetching fabric pull.

fabric pull for the July 2017 Book of the Month

I must admit, I spent too many mornings on the internet last week, which really eats into sewing time. And here it is July 31 and I'm just now starting in on a pattern from Strip Savvy (affiliate link) by Kate Henderson. 

Strip Savvy book by Kate Henderson
Strip Savvy

And me being me, I'm modifying the pattern to a baby quilt size, because there's always a need for those. So without further delay, I'm off to go cut and sew! See you tomorrow.

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  1. Fun combo of fabrics. Love the little orange with the teals. Looking forward to seeing the quilt. Happy sewing.

  2. Oh, those fabrics look really fun! While I enjoy reading and writing blogs, it sure does eat into sewing time, doesn't it? Not much sewing happening here today, I don't think. I'm going to spend some time with my daughter today.

  3. Interesting fabric mix. I am sewing while I can - the right hand is healed final checkup on Wed and the do it all over again on the left hand. BUT should be finished with the mess by October! I am off the net and into sewing! Have a great week.


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