Monday, October 16, 2017

Sea Glass - A Railroad Crossing Pattern

Check out this beauty -

Sea Glass, Railroad Crossing quilt pattern

my scrap version of Railroad Crossing, a pattern from , Charm School (affiliate link).

When I was putting the blocks together with these older prints,

Railroad Crossing block units

Railroad Crossing quilt blocks

I didn't find them very exciting, as older fabrics tend to have a grey or dull look to them.


Once all together in a quilt, they sparkle!

Sea Glass, a Railroad Crossing quilt pattern

Though the pattern is Railroad Crossing, the quilt's real name is 'Sea Glass', because really, it does sparkle like the sea! (Note that I had no problem naming this quilt - wish it was always that easy!)

Ready for some closeups?

Quilting used Glide's light turquoise thread with a more open pantograph, Happy Times, on my non-computerized Innova 22LS.

Happy Times pantograph on Sea Glass quilt

Notice the faint hint of prints in the cream background squares in the two pictures below.

Happy Times pantograph and backside of cream charm squares

backside of cream charm squares in Sea Glass

Using the backs of the cream charms was a brilliant move - the hint of prints, and the small value changes really add to the background of this quilt. 

For fun, I have a picture of the backside of the top, revealing the cream prints.

Winston's approval of my work

Winston approves of my work!

And for the back, I found a large piece of an aqua print in the stash, which has bits of green and purple, though there's no purple in the top. 

Sea Glass backside

Also had enough of this print for the binding, and still have a bit leftover for a smaller quilt back. Sometimes yardage is never-ending.

My work continues on the disappearing 4-patches for Lickety-Split, though I must say, I enjoyed making Railroad Crossing a lot more. If I find enough coordinating charm squares in my bin, I may make another. Will keep you posted!

Happy Quilting!

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  1. Sea Glass beautiful name for a beautiful quilt. Love that you used both sides of your fabric.

  2. I really like this quilt, it does sparkle and shine! And just think all scraps, whoo hoo!!!

  3. I like it - just goes to show what you can make from scraps

  4. Lovely quilt with a great name. Winston is right, brilliant choice on the cream fabrics. Nice seeing the back.

  5. I love it and using up stash is a great feeling, isn't it? Especially to help justify buying more fabric *wink*.

  6. Beautiful. That was a bold move to use the back side of the fabrics but it came out lovely. I got the book but haven't been able to make anything yet. That pattern really interested me when I was looking through the book.

  7. Great finish Susan. Love the colors. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  8. It is beautiful and I love how you showed using our older stash can turn into a gorgeous make!

  9. What a great tip to use the back of the cream scraps

  10. Love love love that you used the backs of those cream prints. Offers better contrast . . .
    I also like the variation of the traditional railroad crossing pattern. Easy peasy without setting on point...

  11. I really like when a pattern is able to pull together prints and make them shine together much better then when they are by themselves! You did a fantastic job with this quilt!!

    1. Thank you so much Alida! This one really does sparkle!


Thank you so much for just made my day!