Thursday, July 4, 2019

Happy 4th of July!

My table is ready for celebrating my favorite holiday with new star themed place mats and a table runner.

Holiday Star place mats and table runner by QuiltFabrication

Aren't those festive??? I just love the red against the blue - so bright and fresh! 

Holiday Star place mat by QuiltFabrication

And my little runner fits my table perfectly, finishing  approximately 15" x 27". Of course, it could be made longer with the addition of another block or two.

Holiday Star table runner by QuiltFabrication

How about a tutorial on how to make one block? Here's a quick run through of the steps:

1. pick 2 light value 5" squares and 2 dark value 5" squares
2. stack the light and dark squares, right sides together
3. mark a diagonal line, stitching on each side of it
4. cut on the line to make 4 HST's. Press seams toward the dark

5 inch squares to make HST's

5. stack the HST's with a dark triangle on a light triangle, right sides together
6. mark a diagonal line, stitching on each side of it
7. cut on the line to make 4 hourglass units

making hourglass units

8. trim hourglass units to 4" x 4"

4 inch hourglass units

9. stitch two hourglass units together, matching center seams
10. stitch two hourglass pairs together, matching center seams and diagonal seams to create the block center
11. press seams open

creating the hourglass block center

12. cut two 7" x 7" background squares
13. cut each square once on the diagonal (cut opposite corners if using a directional print)
14. fold each triangle in half, finger press fold to mark the center
15. matching center fold mark and block center, stitch the long edge of one triangle to the hourglass center, starting 1" in from the edge

adding side triangles

16. continue adding background triangles around the hourglass center
17. finish stitching remaining seam from first triangle
18. press seams toward background and trim excess at seam overlaps
19. trim block to 11" x 11", lining up center seams at the 5 1/2" ruler marks

trimming block to size

20. add 2 1/2" wide strips to the sides for place mats, plus add longer 2 1/2" wide strips to the top and bottom for the runner

adding side strips

And there she is - quilted and finished!

quilted and finished Holiday Star place mat

That's enough for this post. As for the quilting, check out the tutorial for the Straight Line Stipple, including a new video. Have a safe and happy 4th of July!

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  1. Those look so nice. Great festive fabrics too.

  2. These are perfect for the 4th of July.

  3. Love those bright, happy, placemats and runner! Thanks for the instructions, too. I'm thinking the design would be great for Hallowe'en too.


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