Friday, August 23, 2019

Use It Up!

Finally, the Use It Up quilt from Accent on Angles (affiliate link) is a grand finish!

Use It Up quilt from Accent on Angles quilt book

Not only do I love the color combo and the quilting thread choice, but the size - a really nice 48" x 65" lap size.

Use It Up quilt from Accent on Angles

What started out as this fabric selection,

fabric selection for the quilt

worked it's way to strip sets with angled sashing pieces,

strip sets with angled sashing

then blocks, some of which were made in 95 degree heat requiring the assistance of a wooden iron,

wooden ruler

and the painfully tedious making of 164 HST's.

making HST's

The quilt picture in the book certainly doesn't look like it requires 164 HST's, 

Use It Up from Accent on Angles

and I probably would have thought twice about making this pattern had I read through it first. That could be my fault, but let's call this frustration 1.

Frustration 2 - this pattern needed serious editing. The beginning of the book, which goes over very thoroughly how to make the strip set/angled sashing blocks, is wonderful. 

This pattern however, had me cut too many strips for the strip sets, resulting in a lot of leftovers. Grrr. How did I discover this? Well, like Flower Joy, I thought I'd make up extra blocks for the back. 

30 additional blocks from excess strips

Which turned out to be 30 blocks, enough for another top. Use It Up only used 22. Grrr. Maybe cutting that many strips would allow for lots of variety? Anyway, just too many.

Frustration 3 - I followed the cutting instructions for the border pieces that are in addition to the HST's. And then I looked at the quilt diagram, which was labelled as to where those additional border pieces go. Turns out, the two did not match up, requiring the piecing together of a leftovers to get the right size border pieces. Grrr.

Once I finally got through all of that, a backing was pieced together with leftovers but no blocks, 

Use It Up quilt back side

and I was thrilled to finally get it on the frame.

Use It Up quilt on the frame

Now for thread colors. I could have gone gold, but it just disappeared. Then I found a gold with a green cast called Cleopatra.

Use It Up quilt with Cleopatra Glide thread

Not bad, though I kept searching, and found Split Pea, a correctly named color, and not one I would choose for just any quilt.

Use It Up quilt with Split Pea Glide thread

But Split Pea turned out to be the winner, really adding a beautiful sparkle to the Bluster pantograph on Use It Up.

Use It Up quilt quilting close up

With the extra 30 blocks, I plan to make one more quilt from the Accent on Angles book (affiliate link), though there are a couple other projects that need attention first. So, be patient, another quilt is coming soon!

Have a great weekend quilting!

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  1. Too bad there was so much frustration with this quilt. Cleapatra Glide is a favorite of mine as it goes with so much of what I make. Looking forward to seeing the next one you make from this book.

  2. That turned out beautifully, in spite of all the issues.

  3. Well, the fabrics sure are pretty. Bummer about all the frustrations though, especially the left over blocks. Will be looking forward to what you make with them.

  4. It turned out great, depsite all your difficulties.

  5. The finished project is well worth the effort! Nice to complete this one - it's beautiful!

  6. Gorgeous quilt despite your frustrations. I love the chopped up effect and wonder if improv piecing would be less frustrating with the same result.

  7. Congratulations for sticking with your quilt - and having a plan for those extra squares!

  8. Super pretty quilt in the end! Love the way the back turned out, too. Yeah, Split Pea is a thread color that surprises me in being so perfect at unexpected times even though it's not super appealing to me on its own. Every once in a while, I pick it up as a skeptical after-thought to audition, and then it totally sings! so funny how that happens.

  9. Sorry for the frustration, but it looks terrific. I really like those colors.

  10. Oh gosh!! Even with all the frustrations you stuck with it!! and it turned out so lovely - Hope Version 2 goes faster and easier!!

  11. Looks like you made lemonade out of your sour experience! Way to go, Susan!

  12. Hi Susan, I'm glad that it turned out well, despite the frustrations. The quilting and colour is perfect!

  13. Fabulous finish, I love it. My eyes were bouncing all over the place.

  14. Some patterns sure feel like they haven't been tested, don't they? Fortunately your quilt turned out pretty great anyway!

  15. It's too bad there were so many issues with a pattern published in a book, but your quilt is beautiful in spite of them!

  16. Hi Susan! That is SO annoying - the pattern telling you to cut out more strips than you need. After your three frustrations . . . I probably would have just walked away. Put it in a box and forgot about it for a few years. And Split Pea turned out to be a fabulous choice, in spite of its name. HAHA! Thirty extra blocks - that is just NUTS. Really nice finish, and those colors play so nicely together. Thank you again for linking up - I appreciate it. ~smile~ Roseanne

  17. Your finished quilt looks great, even if you had some struggles along the way. Thank you for linking up to the Peacock Party.


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