Friday, October 25, 2019

Kimono Quilt

Another finish - the Kimono quilt, which turned out better than I expected, given all those charm squares in the border.

Kimono quilt

With such a variety of colors, those charms play nice with the all the prints in the kimonos. Thank you, members of the guild, for the kimono blocks so many years ago, now turned into a great quilt! And since this is made with contributions from guild members, it's only fitting that it go back to the guild's Philanthropy group, for distribution to someone in need.

Before it goes, how about a closer look?

Kimono quilt closer

The border is two charm squares deep, bringing the quilt's size to 63" x 83". Just look at all the color in the border!

Kimono quilt scrappy border

Here's another corner.

Kimono quilt 5 inch square scrappy border

Since this quilt is so busy, I kept the quilting simple, using the Paperchase panto, making it quite soft.

Kimono quilt paperchase pantograph quilting

And with yardage, charm squares, and scraps leftover, I managed to puzzle together a backing, knocking out the theme from my stash.

Kimono quilt backing

Just look at all that piecing at the end.

Kimono quilt backing closeup

This quilt is totally a scrap quilt, as even the batting is composed of pieces. Nice to have that out of the storage area too. This one was a win-win all around! If you're inspired to make something like this, check out the FREE Kimono block tutorial to get started.

Happy Quilting!

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  1. Congrats on the finish and what a great idea to give it back to them for a donation quilt.

  2. Hi Susan! Love this finish. This could have gone so very wrong, but you really made it work. Patterns on patterns on patterns, yet that border works especially well with the background fabric. I've never thought of using two charm packs as a border . . . and I love how that turned out as well. It's a Happy Friday with a great finish. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Very cute and colorful kimono quilt finish!!! Wow!!!

  4. What a stunning quilt! I just love the riot of prints.

  5. Those charms borders really really bring out all of the fun colors in your quilt! I love it!

  6. What a wonderful job of cleaning out your stash (of Oriental fabrics!!)


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