Monday, August 24, 2020

A Splendid Reinvention of the Wheel

I've talked a lot about color this past month and have another color tool to introduce to you - the Foolproof Color Wheel Set (affiliate link) by Katie Fowler.

color wheel tool by Katie Fowler

I thank C&T Publishing for graciously providing this tool and the timing couldn't be more perfect. When it comes to color, most quilters can use all the help they can get!

This new Color Wheel Set is not only fun to use, but easy! The color wheel itself is a generous 8" in diameter and sports a hub in the center for mounting any of the 10 included discs. 

color wheel with an complimentary disc

Each disc has cutouts in relationship to the given color theory category: complement, triad, analogous, etc. There's even discs for double complement, double double complement, double split complement, and double triad - that's definitely some serious color schemes.

Katie Fowler's color wheel with ten black discs

The cutouts make viewing the relationships so simple, as compared to the color wheel tool shown below, with the somewhat confusing lines in the center. 

pocket size color wheel
All the cutouts certainly serve a purpose, but with so many on this color wheel tool, it can be hard to visualize the color relationships when some colors aren't covered up. 

With the Color Wheel Set, just pop a disc on top of the wheel and move it around to see the various color relationships without interference from uncovered colors. So much better!

split compliment color scheme of orange blue and green

I'm happily adding this tool to my growing collection of color resources, which include those from the 3 Ideas to Find the Perfect Color Palette, plus the two color tools used in the Purple vs Indigo vs Violet discussion. One can never have too tools!

Happy Quilting!

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  1. Thanks, this looks wonderful! I also use 3 mirrors that I picked up at the auto supply store when I shop for a specific quilt (not just the usual stashing!) The mirrors are 10" x 5" and make a three way mirror, infinity mirror like a dress shop where I can see how the pattern will repeat while I'm still at the store. I also have a tiny prism about 3" x 2" to help out. Thanks again for all this color information.

  2. This is an interesting tool. I have the cutout version, and it is a bit confusing at times.

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