Friday, July 22, 2022

Scrappy Heart Quilt

Yay! I have finished my pink scrappy heart quilt!

Boy, was this ever a long time in the making. There were days, weeks even, when I couldn't spend any time sewing due to all of the yardwork on our new place. I'll have more to share on that on another day.

But I managed to get some free time last week and finish it up! It felt so good to do some sewing, creating, and then the quilting with my Innova. And it's finished just in time.

This scrappy heart quilt is for a college friend of my son's. He and his wife were high school sweethearts, waiting till college was finished to tie the knot and married now for four years. They're expecting a little girl in mid-August, and as they say, 'First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage!' 

And she needs a quilt to play on! Here's a couple closeups:

the scrappy heart, for which I changed out a couple fabrics to make it more prominent.

pink string scrap heart block

Another picture of the scrappy blocks, each made as a pink or black triangle using strips then stitched to a background triangle. Each resulting block was trimmed to 5 1/2" square, which math wise, worked out great for the borders and the piano key placement.

Putting it all together is the simple heart quilting (Dear Heart pantograph) in bright pink Glide thread.

Last but not least is the backing. I had four pink pieces that were approximately 15" wide but short on the WOF side. They were only going to work if I made a center block to stitch them around. Using all of the last piece of background plus the black heart fabric, I managed to make a square large enough to finally create a backing large enough. We're talking approximately 1 1/2" on all sides, and if you know that a long arm needs extra, this was a tight squeeze!

Though it looks it, it's not perfectly centered on the back of the quilt, but hey, I came darn close. Overall, I'm pleased with how this scrappy heart quilt came out!

So now we wait for the little one's arrival. Then I can put a label with the name and birthdate on it for her to enjoy! 

Happy Quilting!

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  1. That looks so pretty. I love the background fabric with the pinks. It’s a great scrappy quilt. So glad you got some sewing time.


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