Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Lock Stitches

For the last year, I've struggled with making locking stitches on the longarm look nice.  At first, I was using a backtracking method, but that really stood out on the back because the rest of the stitching wasn't backtracked.

Then I tried taking one stitch at a time, moving the machine a small fraction with each stitch.  That was better, but time consuming.

And now my new method, which I happened upon when reading an article by Kim Brunner.  She does one stitch at a time, but pulls on the thread tails to move the fabric. 

Here are pictures of the top
and the bottom
Much better than was I was getting before!

So, a really big thank you to Kim Brunner!  She is an excellent teacher and I highly recommend her 'Machine Quilting with Templates' class through

I hope you give the lock stitch technique a try, and check out Kim's class.

Happy Quilting!


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  1. Great idea and good video. I doubt if it would work with the computerized stitching... do you have that option? I've got mine set up to so 3 or 4 stitches -- it stitches the 3 stitches and then goes back to the beginning takes and stitch and then goes forward whatever amount of space the first stitches took. Um, no, now I have a big stitch over the little stitches. And, often it doesn't really lock the stitches in. Need to talk to the company about this issue. Sigh.


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