Monday, September 9, 2013

A Sweet D9P

Wanted to post about this sweet Disappearing 9-Patch as it's about to disappear from my life. 
That is to say, the baby girl it was made for has made her entrance into the world, and now she gets to enjoy it.

The medium pinks were pulled from my big bin of nickel squares, and the solid maroon and white were pulled from the stash.  Those two compliment the pinks so well that they really make the D9P sing!  For a tutorial, check out efficiently sewing a nine patch.

This quilt was quilted with Glide Purple Rose, using one of my favorite pantos, Alfresco.
Just love the big flowers!  So sweet!

And as with all of my baby quilts, I put flannel on the back.  Found a matching pink with small flowers for this one.
Hope she likes it!

Happy Quilting


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  1. looks awesome - glad to see it quilted. I had mentioned to you when this was first posted about how it would be a great QOV. Well, that is in the works. All the nickels are cut, and will work on the 9-patches this weekend. Will send photo when I have something to show!


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