Friday, September 6, 2013

Instant Gratification!

Last night, I got started on one of the quilt tops from the Book of the Month, 3 Times the Charm, (affiliate link) and I love it!

 After going through the stack of blue nickels,
I pulled out 36 of them 
(yes, there are 36!  I was just starting to sew when I thought I'd better take a picture of the layout in case they got mixed up)

then teamed them up with a white sashing for sparkle.  And what a quick and easy quilt to put together!  The directions were clear, and the result is awesome!  So much prettier than just sewing nickels together. 

So this makes another to add to the 'to quilt' list, which is getting longer by the day.  I really must attend to that...

Happy Quilting

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