Monday, March 17, 2014

Freezer Paper Applique

Time for a freezer paper applique lesson!
My hand applique project I've worked on for almost two years is finally coming to an end!  I have all the petals and leaves stitched, but now it's time to add the 'button' to the center, to cover up some ugliness!
To make these 'buttons', I printed 1" circles on freezer paper, and ironed them to another piece of freezer paper, making two layers.  Two layers of freezer paper creates a nice firm surface to fold against
After cutting on the lines, the dots were pressed to the wrong side of the fabric, which is the black dot.
After cutting again, but leaving a scant 1/4" margin of fabric around each dot, they are ready for edge turning.

For this project, I sprayed sizing into a cup, then applied it with a brush around the edge of the dot.  The sizing helps the edge hold its shape.

And with a stiletto and the tip of an iron, the fabric was ironed over the freezer paper edge. 
Here's a trick to folding over which helps eliminate points.  While ironing in a counter clockwise direction, use the stiletto to fold the fabric over and pull it down toward the iron.  Iron just this little bit.  Going too far to the left with the iron causes the crease to extend too long.  Then when trying to fold over the next area, a point results because the fabric is already creased. 

Now my little 'buttons' are done!
When stitching these to the blocks, I chose to remove the freezer paper beforehand.  
They're so small, so I wasn't worried about them loosing their shape.  But it's okay to leave the freezer paper in and do the stitching, either by hand or machine.  To remove the paper, just trim out the back fabric, spritz the paper with water, let it absorb, then pull out the paper.

And now I have the finished 'buttons' to my blocks!
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Happy Quilting!


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