Thursday, August 21, 2014

Feathers and Such

I promised I would explain how I did the feathers on Scraplicious Florabunda, and it's easier than you think!

First, the design.  Once again, I put my trusty clear vinyl sheet over the top, and used a dry erase marker to draw away.  I copied the curved frame onto paper so that I could use it as a template.

Then, using my longarm circle rulers, I redrew the curves to smooth them out and form the wave, and to figure out what size circles to use. For the sides, I'm using a 12" diameter circle, 
and for the top and bottom, it's a 10".
I only needed to do half of a side, and half of the bottom for my templates.  Once that's done, I cut them out.
Using the cutout and a fine point ceramic marker, I transferred the curve to my top, using the mitered corners and edge of the inner border as reference points. 
Using the ruler, I'm ready to stitch.
Not being happy with my original design to fill the frame, I kept drawing until this feather spray emerged.
Wanting the feathers to be consistent around the entire frame, I redrew it with a washable marker onto a transfer screen.  Then using a chalk marker (because it was the only thing that would mark through the screen), the feather design was transferred, flipping as necessary.

All I've got to do is follow the lines!  Beautiful symmetrical feathers.

This technique is not limited to longarm machines.  It can also be used for domestic quilting, as it has been for years.  Give it a try the next time you're looking for a consistency in your designs.

Happy Quilting!


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  1. How did you get that chalk marker out? I've had trouble with that one. do you use the colored chalk also?

  2. Brilliant idea to use the screen!!! It is not expensive and if you use a permanent marker to mark the design on the screen, you could use it forever!!! I so could have used this idea this past spring and summer with a couple of quilts I quilted!!! LOVE IT!!! I also use the same chalk pencil you have...when I first learned to quilt I used the yellow chalk - sadly it is still on the quilt! I love the way that a spray of water and a wipe from a clean white towel makes all my markings disappear!

  3. I went back and looked at what you used to draw your pattern on - looks like plastic mesh, but if you used the black plastic screening, you could use a silver or other light colored sharpie, you should be able to see it easily.


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