Friday, February 6, 2015

Jeweled Flower Garden Table Runner

A black, white, and red Jeweled Flower Garden table runner now adorns my hutch, just in time for Valentine's Day!
And the great thing is, because it's red, I can use it during December too!  Just love adding the bit of red spark to the decor!

Here's some close ups:

An easy free hand curl design with black thread was used in the B/W border area, echoing the design in the fabric.  It was rather useless to do something spectacular as it couldn't be seen because of the fabric.  And in the flowers, each petal got a curl with red thread.  No need to overquilt this.

The binding has an edge of red piping, which really adds a nice finish to this piece.  So glad I chose to do this because I pretty much used up all of the B/W fabric.
That was really close!

I will say that originally I was going to make each flower have 3 petals of one fabric and 3 of another fabric, thinking that it would be interesting. 
I had it all laid out, sewed the rows, looked at it again, and hated it because it was just a jumble of fabrics.  Yuck.
Tore it all apart, and started in again with all 6 petals of one fabric. Took some extra time, but well worth it.

Will I make another?  Yes!  The HexnMore ruler is really easy to use.  But next time, I'm making bigger flowers!

Happy Quilting!


  1. Wow, that is really impressive. Beautiful!

  2. Looks lovely. I love those colors together.

  3. Wow! Thanks for sharing what you've done with the hexies. I've got a bunch of scrappy ones to use and appreciate your creativity.

  4. Very striking! I agree that not mixing up the fabrics too much gives a better look overall. And it looks stunning in its proper place. :)

  5. Giving a tutorial at the guild in August!


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