Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Distracted by Clover!

Another project has worked it's way onto my list, 
this lovely clover block, just in time for St. Patrick's Day, which is in less than two weeks. I found this block tutorial from Natalia Bonner of Piece and Quilt, as part of her Sunday Stitches tutorials. Planning for a table runner (for the hutch), and matching placemats, I quickly made up eight of these. Once the parts were ready, it took 1 minute for placement, and 5 1/2 minutes to sew it together, with finger pressing and spinning seams. Today, I'll work out the border. I'm so ambitious!

But the best part is, I've used up the majority of my well preserved clover prints!!! Yeah! Got them out of the stash, never to be replaced! And I may have enough scraps to make one more--I'll see.

As far as the other projects, I'm happy with their progress. The metro rings medallion top is done,
awaiting a day to devote to the quilting. I've had inquiries as to how I put the star in, and considering a tutorial on it. Anyone interested? Leave me a comment!

And the next step of Happy Quilting Melissa's Irish Chain Twist Quilt-along is done.
Such a fun project!  Click the link above to go to her site--it's not too late to join in!

Chocolate Covered Cherries is finished,
and now resides on my bed.  I love seeing the brown, red, pink and beige when I walk in the room--so yummy!

As for the circles quilt, I'm still thinking about that one. Guess I'm waiting for inspiration--I know it will come. But I do have four blocks done in the Patchwork City BOM that I'm doing with friends. Mine are a bit different, which I'll reveal later because I want to show my friends first!

Parkbench, from Jaybird Quilts, gets started next week, and unfortunately, my Santorini landscape is still waiting for paint.  Not sure when that will get done. And I worked on the quilting of a baby quilt over the weekend, just putting on the binding right now, so I'll show that in a couple days.

Is that enough? Yes? No? Well, at least it's keeping me out of trouble!

Have a wonderful day quilting!


  1. Your've made quite a lot of progress here. The metro rings medallion is very beautiful.

  2. Wow, that is a lot of sewing!!! Great job on everything!!!

  3. And I had NO idea that St. Patrick's day was that close already. Time has flown by! Love the festive little shamrocks!

  4. Love the shamrock...what a nice bunch of beautiful green and clover fabrics. Looking forward to seeing the runner when it's completed. And I'd be interested to see how you did the star in the middle of metro rings.


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