Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Updates, Updates, Updates!

First, thank you to everyone who participated in my Spangled Stars QAL! Tomorrow is the big day to announce the winners and show off your quilts! If you haven't sent me an email with a picture, and any quilt details (your name, location, size, etc) please do so for the parade. I'll be posting in the afternoon, so send me your pics! Everyone would love to see them up close!

For me, this week has been crazy again! I have the alternate colorway Spangled Stars quilt finished,

which I'm calling Lily Pond. The quilting ideas came easily on this one, 

so it got done first. My other QAL top is currently on the frame, because it took me longer to figure out how to quilt it. But what I've got started, I like. Very much!

Hopefully, I'll get this finished up tomorrow, though it's going to take all day. Pretty sad when the QAL hostess can't even get her own quilt finished! Oh, well, at least I got one done.

Other things I've been working on, that were spur of the moment projects, have been the Patriotic Wave Table Runner, (pattern available on Etsy)

and the matching placemats

Had to get those done before the Fourth of July, or they weren't going to happen at all! Click on the pink titles to learn more.

And I've been working on another table runner, using the La Vie Boheme 10" Stackers by Riley Blake

from Calico Cat Fabrics. Tanya has enlisted me as one of the ambassadors for her online Etsy store, Calico Cat Fabrics. Go check her out - she's got a great selection, with new items added all the time. As for my stackers, I'm using the Metro Twist pattern from Sew Kind of Wonderful. This is where I'm at, but I don't like what I've got going for the borders.

Too busy. I think I'll search for a navy fabric instead. It will have to wait till I can get to the store. Love the rest of it though - such pretty fabrics!

Another Sew Kind of Wonderful pattern I'm working on is Chic Kisses. 

This is part of the LQS Quilt Club project for June. I haven't gotten very far, but I've got fabric and big plans! Can you tell I love pink???

And this month, the t-shirt quilts shall get finished. I have procured backing fabric, and have a piecing idea for the backs that will coordinate with the fronts. Just need the time to devote to it, and find thin batting for them. Those tops are heavy!

Given that I have had all of these projects this June, I did not get around to making a quilt from the Smash Your Precut Stash book, (affiliate link)

my June book of the Month selection. So, I'm extending it into July. Let's hope I've got time!

And I think that's it. Phew! I'm tired! Until tomorrow, happy quilty dreams!


  1. Lily Pond is gorgeous, love the colors and quilting very nice!

  2. I love Lily Pond. I think I prefer this version to the sew along one. It just shows how fabric choices can completely change a quilt.

  3. Those are fabulous and the quilting caught my eye!!

  4. Wow your Lily pond is stunning ... love the pops of pink against the blues :)


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