Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Road Home to Silicon Valley

Welcome to QuiltFabrication, and Silicon Valley, home to all things tech!

When first approached by Marian at Seams to be Sew about participating in the 2016 Road Home Row-along, I immediately said yes! Such an easy decision because the area I live in, Silicon Valley, is home to all of the great tech companies that we know and love.

My row depicts four large companies that are along major roads, and within close proximity to my humble home. We're talking a 15 mile radius, that's how close. Believe or not, 'tech tourism', the visiting of these companies as if they were tourist attractions, has sprung up. Today, I'll be your tour guide to these four companies.

Let's start at Facebook, where the 'thumbs up' sign greats us at the entrance.

Awesome quilt pattern in the background, huh? The buildings are nice, with lots of open sky and the bay on the backside.

Continuing down the freeway for a few miles sits Google, which in my opinion, has the best location. Perched on a small hill, surrounded by lots of trees and open space,

and, of course, plenty of parking for the famous green, yellow, and red bikes used by employees to get from building to building.

And just a half mile away, is it's friendly neighbor, LinkedIn, another favorite company.

Before hitting the freeway again, we could make a stop at the Computer History Museum, and check out just how far we've come in all things tech.


But let's continue on, past my house, and move on to Apple, another favorite. Below are the current headquarters,

with the Apple Campus 2, (the Spaceship that's under construction) and future headquarters a mile away. 

Can you get a feel for how massive this building is? With the freeway to the south, retail west, residential north, and a hospital on the east, it's a huge campus in the middle of suburbia. There's a flyover view  (not mine) if you want to see more.

Of course, the list of tech companies goes on and on. Sorry if I left out other favorites, but there's just so much room in a 12 1/2" x 42" row! 

To download the Silicon Valley Row for free, visit my Craftsy Pattern shop, and check out the Free Pattern area on Craftsy for other rows. And don't forget to visit the other row-along participants today.

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And finally, the entire list of participants, in case your just joining in and wish to collect the row patterns.

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October 11
Show N Tell Day

I hope you've enjoyed your short tour of Silicon Valley, the birthplace of tech, and my home.


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