Monday, December 5, 2016

A Christmas Conundrum

I wish this were one of those instances of not knowing what to give someone for Christmas. When all else fails, give food. But no, here we're talking quilt backs. Ugh.

On my latest Christmas quilt, I thought I was being all smart by stitching together small scraps to make big enough pieces for more blocks to go on the back. 

And by the small scraps and a bit of yardage that's left, I'd say I was successful in using up what I started with.

But here's the problem. 

22 blocks. Not enough to make a square, rectangle or complete a design. And those scraps are not going to squeeze out two more blocks. Ugh.

I'm totally stumped. I've stared at this problem since Saturday afternoon, and still haven't come up with a solution. Blocks have been rearranged, spaced apart, and put in funky settings. To no avail. And it doesn't help that my personal challenge is to use all those blocks and make the back look somewhat planned. I didn't go to all that work stitching Christmas scraps for nothing!

So if anyone has any ideas to help with this Christmas conundrum, feel free to leave a comment. In the meantime, I'm off to make some cookies to give away!

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